These popular beauty treatments are all more expensive since lockdown

From 1 August, salons across the country will finally be able to offer their full menu of treatments once again, much to the delight of beauty aficionados across the country (and of course, the owners of the business that supply them). But when you go to book your next appointment, you may notice that the price of your usual manicure, massage or hair colour has changed.

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Beauty bookings website Treatwell is reporting a 26.2 per cent rise in the cost of treatments across hair and beauty compared to pre-lockdown, with certain areas seeing a steeper increase than others. The only service that’s seen a slight decrease in cost is men’s haircuts, which are now around 2.1 per cent cheaper.

However, it’s important to note that there are a number of very valid reasons behind the changes – not only is the industry recovering after months of unprecedented closures, with many receiving zero income throughout this time, they now have to account for PPE requirements and longer intervals between appointments to allow for thorough cleaning.

It’s therefore unsurprisingly that hair colouring treatments, such as balayage and highlights, are the most affected by the price spike, as not only do they take the longest to complete, stylists can only work on one client at a time.

The beauty treatments that have become more expensive since lockdown

beauty treatments more expensive since lockdown
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Prices up 35.5 per cent


Prices up 28.6 per cent


Prices up 24.4 per cent


Prices up 21.3 per cent


Prices up 9.4 per cent


Prices up 8.4 per cent

The majority of customers are still happy to support the industry and pay these additional fees, with demand for appointments higher than ever. But one factor that’s having a negative impact even now it can operate is no-shows – those who book in and then don’t turn up, costing the outlet valuable time and money (a problem which is also prevalent in the hospitality industry).

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‘After the events of the last four months – and with the government not allowing beauty to reopen at the same time as hair salons – we’re fighting for our industry. We are slowly getting back on our feet but with continued no shows and reduced capacity, the industry will struggle,’ says Madeleine, Treatwell Supply Director for Northern Europe.

‘If you can’t make it to an appointment, please do just let us know. It helps professionals manage their business much more efficiently. We need to start changing the way customers behave and the notion that a ‘no show’ is more acceptable than cancelling – as it is not. Help support the industry in staying open by showing up to your appointment.’