A Beauty Pie pop-up shop is coming to London this month

Beauty Pie is a brand that’s gone from strength to strength over the years, and with Marcia Kilgore at the helm (the brains behind brands such as Soaper Duper, Bliss Spa, FitFlop, and Soap & Glory) it’s really no surprise it has been such a success.

The subscription-based service allows shoppers to buy beauty goods for a fraction of their usual retail cost when they are a member. Membership costs vary, depending on the amount of products you wish to buy per month, and Beauty Pie products span across skincare, make-up, fragrance, body, and hair care, so it really is a one stop shop for all your beauty needs.

The only drawback to Beauty Pie is that it’s always just been online, so customers have been unable to try before they buy, or before they sign up. However, the brand has announced they will be hosting a Beauty Pie pop-up in the UK, and excitement levels just reached an all-time high…

When does the Beauty Pie pop-up shop open?

Announcing the news on Instagram, the brand teased details of the store, confirming that it would be in central London this spring, and now it’s been confirmed that it’ll open on 12 March, in the middle of Harvey Nichols’ ground floor – a pretty prestigious location.

‘We’ll be hosting members events; organising skincare routine curations; a large selection of PIE products will be there to shop, swatch, smell and sample,’ the team added in a subsequent post. ‘There will be meet and greets with our founder Marcia Kilgore; and we’re thinking cookies (and lots of ‘em).’

Can I shop at the Beauty Pie pop-up shop if I’m not a member?

The short answer is yes: but there will be varying ways to do so.

If you’re already a subscriber, you’ll be able to shop at ‘buyer’s club’ prices, which are up to 80 per cent off the typical retail cost. There will also be top-ups available if you want to stretch your monthly spending limit in store.

Not signed up? You can either shop the range at what would be its full price, or invest in a drop-in pass, which gives you access to the range at 50 per cent off during your visit. A limited number of these passes will be available online at beautypie.com, so it’s worth registering before you head to Harvey Nichols to avoid disappointment.

The Beauty Pie pop-up is set to be open for three months, or as the brand puts it, ‘until we run out of our ring-fenced pop-up shop stock (at which point, we’ll have to wrap up and go back home)!’

More updates will be dropping on social media and via email, so make sure you’re registered and following to be the first in the know as they happen. We’ll see you in the queue when doors are officially open!