This £10 pineapple plant promises to stop you from snoring

Do you struggle to fall asleep due to your partner’s unbearably loud snoring every night? Or perhaps its the other way around? Whoever the culprit, we might just have found the perfect solution.

A recent study by YouGov revealed that a whopping 45 per cent of Brits suffer with snoring. But that could all be about to end thanks to the magic powers of a new pineapple plant sold at Asda.

Asda Pineapple plant snoring
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That’s right, the purse-friendly supermarket is currently selling a pineapple plant that not only looks chic enough to compliment the rest of the greenery in our homes (the interior trend is still going strong, after all) but also promises to banish all snoring in the household. Oh, and it is so legit that it is being backed by NASA.

So, how does it work? Well, it’s all quite fascinating to be honest. Pineapple plants have a night-time oxygen production function. This means that instead of producing oxygen during the day like many plants do, they produce it at night through photosynthesis.

This was discovered by NASA, who carried out a study and pineapple plants do improve air quality throughout the night, leading to more peaceful, snore-free night’s sleep. Genius!

Asda Pineapple plant snoringOrnamental Pineapple Plant, £10, Asda

And the best bit is that you can get your hands on a pineapple plant for just £10 at your local Asda store. The supermarket first launched the plants back in 2017 but following its sell-out success, it has decided to bring them back into stock.

As reported by the Express, Phil Smith, Asda Plant Buyer, said: ‘Snorts, snuffles and splutters affect a quarter of Brits, so for those 16 million snorers, Asda’s Pineapple Plant could be a dream come true – even more-so for sleep deprived partners.

‘For those lucky enough to sleep through the night without the disturbance of snoring, the plant is a chic addition to the home which is easy to care for and adds a little touch of the tropics to any room.’

Right, we’re off to buy one of our own!