Asda is selling a giant custard cream cake that looks just like the biscuit

We can all agree that custard creams are a national treasure of a snack. Whether you like dunking them in your cuppa after a long day or enjoy munching on a couple as a deskside treat at work, we Brits love the famous biscuits. That’s why, we were excited (to say the least) when we heard that Asda have launched a new giant cake version of the custard cream. Hurrah!

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The massive cake looks exactly like a custard cream biscuit, but is of course much larger, and judging by the reactions to it, it tastes just like the British favourite too. Most impressive of all, it serves 16 people meaning you could have your very own custard cream party this weekend. Or just have it all to yourself because let’s face it, that’s definitely possible if its as addictive as the biscuit version.

Sold at just £8 per cake, custard cream lovers across the nation have been shouting about the new creation after it was first posted on Facebook deals forum, Latest Deals. Shortly after, it received rave reviews by happy customers who were over the moon about the nice treat.

Asda custard cream cake

ASDA Custard Cream Celebration Cake, £8, Asda

‘A moist cake with a good amount of butter icing in the middle,’ one shopper wrote. ‘It’s a fun cake as I’m sure most people knows someone who loves Custard Creams. I would recommend this cake.’

Another said: ‘Excellent value for money very similar taste to a custard cream this was the perfect cake for a small birthday gathering we had for my moms birthday, my son loved it. Would highly recommend.’

So, how exactly is it created? Well, according to its description, the cake is made with vanilla buttercream, and then topped with a layer of soft icing, and contains 227 calories per serving, 9.2g of fat and 32g of sugar. That is, if you stick to the recommended serving size…