Benefit Cosmetics heiress Annie Ford Danielson reveals how to achieve the ultimate brows

Unless you’ve been living under a tweezer-free rock for the last few decades, you’ll know that Benefit Cosmetics is the leading brand in the brow business. In fact, the Californian company has dominated the art of constructing the perfect brow since founders Jean and Jane Ford opened up their brow bar almost immediately after establishing their brand in 1976.

Benefit Cosmetics

Today, the brand has amassed a huge celebrity following, with the likes of Hollywood royalty Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams and Eva Mendes swearing by their products – not to mention the host of beauty influencers who endorse their sell-out kits.

So naturally, when we got the opportunity to dish the dirt with Chief Beauty Ambassador and heir to the Benefit Cosmetics throne, Annie Ford Danielson, we jumped at the chance.

Whether you like them thick or thin, precisely plucked or grown out and bushy, here’s what Annie says you need to know – and some of her answers might just surprise you…

Know what’s best for you

‘The first thing to know about brows is that there is no such thing as perfect brows! We say at Benefit that brows can be sisters and not twins, so don’t take your brows too seriously. We always want to look our best but I think that my biggest advice when it comes to brows is don’t be trendy with your eyebrows. You should know your face shape, know what looks best on you. If I go and say I want Cara Delevingne eyebrows I am going to look ridiculous because my face shape is so different from hers.

‘Everyone’s face is different so everyone’s brows have to be different. That’s why my biggest tip is to be true to who you are and learn from the experts, and then rinse and repeat every morning.’

Don’t be too experimental with your brows

‘The worst thing you could do to your eyebrows is be too experimental! I grew up in the 90s so I suffered from a 90s eyebrow which is where we basically took off all of the hairs except for a teeny tiny little bit and left one really high arch –  I’m still trying to grow that back. However, I just think that most of the time, there’s so much trend when it comes to brows. You can be a little trendy with colour or shape with product, but don’t be trendy when it comes to waxing or tweezing.

Make them look effortless

‘The full natural bushy brows is the trend right now, and it has been for quite some time. I think that although we love a groomed, sharp, tight line brow, that fades away and in the summer its more about that natural, effortless-looking brow.’

Microblading? Take this into consideration…

‘I think that anything that you do that is permanent to your face is scary. I also just think that as you age your skin changes, the colour of the actual micro blade looks more grey, it wears out. I do not recommend it – I just think that when in doubt, use a great product and don’t go for drastic measures.’

Go for pencil over powder products

‘I always prefer pencil, and I think our Precisely, My Brow Pencil is hands down the best product for thin brows – I am completely obsessed. I think anyone that suffers from sparse brows or patchy brows, it will literally give you the look of real hair with the hair like strokes you can create with the formula and it stays all day long.’

Want brow inspiration? Look to the Kardashians

‘There are so many celebrities with good brows. Look at the Kardashians, they have the most gorgeous brows. In general the amount of grooming that those women are able to accomplish, it’s stunning and it’s a very unrealistic expectation but it is super aspirational.

‘Also, I think the younger generation that right now is anywhere from 15-20 years old have these beautiful, thick gorgeous ungroomed brows – “virgin” eyebrows I like to call them. They didn’t go through this massive 90s moment that I went through. So when I need inspiration, I look to the next generation of brow junkies.’