Ex-Love Island star Amy Hart reveals how women deal with periods on the show

With Love Island back on our screens, it feels like summer is finally well and truly here. And with that, we have so many questions, such as: what does the Love Island villa smell like? Luckily, host Laura Whitmore has already answered that one for us (hint: it might not be the answer you were hoping for!).

We’ve also often wondered how the women on the show navigate their periods in the villa. Having your period can be at best an annoyance and at worst a debilitating time for some, so we’ve often questioned how the female islanders deal with the monthly occurrence and still show up and be their best selves for national television every second of the day.

any hart
Amy Hart. Image: REX

Amy Hart, of Love Island class of 2019, has been speaking about this particular topic on TikTok recently, after revealing that she gets asked this question a lot.

‘I’ve heard this so many times,’ she began. ‘I don’t really understand what you think I’m going to say, like we’re segregated in another room, only allowed in black bikinis.

‘We just get on with it, like you would do if you’re on holiday.’

Amy hart
Amie Hart on Love Island in 2019. Image: REX

Amy went on to reveal how she personally approached it: ‘I personally ran my pill packs together because I didn’t want to have a period while I was in there and the doctor was like, “Yeah that’s not going to work” and I was like, “It will, it will.” And it did work… until it didn’t. But yeah, you just get on with it.’

Amy continued in the comments by saying: ‘I understand everyone is different and they’d make allowances I’m sure, I was just talking about my experience and meant we weren’t banished.’


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The ex-islander has also fielded questions on TikTok about the drinking rules in the Love Island villa, which it turns out are quite tight.

‘It’s one drink on a normal night and then two drinks if it’s a long night,’ she said. ‘A lot of us didn’t end up drinking because what’s the point in having one glass?

‘Some nights we were just like “we want to get drunk” if it’s been a stressful day or whatever. But when there’s massive rows I always thought “imagine that with a skinful of alcohol,” so I actually didn’t mind and, also, no hangovers, which was good.’