Is Amazon Handmade the new Etsy?

We all know Amazon as the online destination where you can find pretty much anything and everything you could possibly ever dream of. From homeware to electricals, clothes to beauty and, of course, the thing that started it all, books – it’s all there, and more.

And with Amazon Prime, you can get it all in the touch of one button and as little as a few hours. Convenience shopping at its finest. One small snag with Amazon, however, is the personal touch – or lack of. You can guarantee most stuff has come off a huge production line in a factory, meaning a loss of all sentimentality. Great for if you’re in dire need of a loo brush or ironing board, not so great for gifts.

Until we discovered Amazon Handmade. Essentially Amazon’s answer to sites like Etsy and Not On The High Street, Amazon Handmade is where you’ll find a collection of handcrafted items being sold by local talented makers from around the world, but with the added benefit of buying through Amazon’s trusted and convenient platform.

Just like the rest of Amazon, there’s a wide range of categories to shop on the platform, including clothes & accessories, beauty, jewellery, homeware, artwork, toys & games and more – but with the added benefit of knowing you’re shopping from and supporting small businesses. Even better, many of the products are available with Prime delivery, making it a double win for those with Amazon Prime accounts.

Stacey Solomon’s already a fan – just recently she showed off her personalised doormat that she bought on Amazon Handmade for their new family home.

While sites like Etsy have become something of a victim of their own success, the site now peppered with production-line style, definitely-not-handmade imports, not anyone can sell on Amazon Handmade. Sellers must first apply and prove all their products are handmade with photos of said items and their workspace, plus the company must have 20 employees or less.

So what is there to shop? We’ve edited our top picks from Amazon Handmade to help you get started on the platform…