Amanda Holden says this make-up trick is the key to ‘youthful looks’

Amanda Holden’s flawless complexion has always been enviable, and it seems she only gets glowier with each passing year. But great genes and excellent skincare aside, she says that there’s also a valuable tool in your make-up bag that can help you to emulate her look.

Speaking on air during her Heart Radio breakfast show recently, the presenter declared: ‘Ladies, if you want to keep those youthful looks, blusher is the answer to all your worries!’

‘Whenever I don’t want to wear make-up, or whenever I can’t be bothered, I just whack on way too much blusher, then I instantly look alive and well,’ she explained. ‘I swear by it, and I could never have a make-up bag without blusher.’

She went on to recommend a good blusher as the perfect post-lockdown lift: ‘Girls, if you don’t already own some blush then before you enter the world again, get your hands on some. We’re all so used to not wearing make-up now, and it’s going to be very hard to go back to the effort of a full face of make-up.

“Get yourself some blush and throw on a slick of mascara and you’re sorted,’ she concluded. ‘No need for all the other slap.’

Sadly, Amanda didn’t disclose her own personal go-to blush on the show. However, during a fun make-up tutorial with her daughters that she posted on Instagram back in April, she was seen using Too Faced’s Natural Palette, a six-pan palette containing a range of blushers and bronzers, on top of a base of It Cosmetics’ cult CC Cream.

Too Faced Natural Face Palette, £35, Cult Beauty

‘As you can see there’s lot of beautiful colours in there, and they smell so nice, they smell of ice cream,’ she said of the £35 buy.

The tongue-in-cheek video shows Amanda’s daughter Lexie’s hands applying make-up to her mum’s face, so we’re not sure the demo shows exactly how the star would apply the shades herself.

However, we do know it’s one that she keeps in her kit, so if you’re looking for an Amanda-inspired cheek brightener, it’s a good place to start!