This celeb-approved trainer brand has just arrived in the UK

Ever heard of the US trainer brand Allbirds? Well, stars including Jennifer Garner, Emma Watson, Cindy Crawford, Mila Kunis, and Oprah (to name a few) all have – and now you can join them, as the footwear that’s been dubbed ‘the most comfortable shoes in the world’ just became available to shop in the UK for the first time.

If you’re not already familiar with the line, let us introduce you: the casual sneakers are available in a range of styles and chic colour combos, and are often spotted on the feet of off-duty A-list celebs. Leonardo DiCaprio is even signed on as an investor, and has praised the brand for being ‘a model for the footwear industry’.


What makes them different to any other trainer? The appealing simplicity of the design aside – ‘no flashy logos, no senseless details’, as they say themselves – it’s the sustainable nature of the line that has enhanced its popularity.

Allbirds uses unique materials such as wool from New Zealand and renewable eucalyptus fibre, and has just developed a world first foam out of sugar cane, which is set to turn the rubber-soled footwear market on its head.

Speaking to The Guardian, the brand’s co-founder Tim Brown explains: ‘For the first two years, [sustainability] was very much a secondary part of our story and we focused on comfort and design. Only now, with our third material innovation – after wool came eucalyptus and, latterly, sugar cane – under our belt, and having learned a lot more about our impact, have we started to say, this is something we need to talk about more.’

Despite these innovations the most surprising thing about Allbirds, however, is perhaps the price. Every design and colourway comes at the same price point of £95 – not bad when you consider that you’re walking in the same eco-conscious footsteps as the rich and famous, hey?

Allbirds’ flagship UK store is open now in London’s Covent Garden. You can shop the full range at