Aldi is launching a free wine course called an Aldiploma

What do you look for when you’re buying wine? If the answer is simply a fancy label or a good price tag, you’re not alone. Figuring out which wine is the best for your budget is a tricky process, and one that we as a nation have very little confidence in.

91 per cent of say we bluff about our wine knowledge to impress others, while 57 per cent admit to feeling daunted when it comes to buying a bottle. 15 per cent have even avoided buying a certain variety for fear of not being able to pronounce its name.

Aldi wine course
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But now Aldi, a supermarket which has won countless awards for its own wine ranges, wants to help us master the art of wine drinking, and best of all, it’s doing it for free, with the launch of its online course, cleverly dubbed the ‘Aldiploma.’

The six video tutorials are taught by Sam Caporn, one of only 382 masters of wine in the world, who will talk customers through everything from picking a wine by region to identifying your favourite grape varieties to proper tasting techniques, ultimately making the initially intimidating subject much more accessible.

‘It’s fair to say I know my Malbec from my Merlot – but that hasn’t always been the case!’ Sam admits. ‘Rewind twenty years and I was just a wine lover with none of the technical knowledge I have now.

‘Aldi is known for its affordable, great quality wines so this creates the perfect platform to help consumers try new things and gain the perfect introduction to the world of wine.’

Aldi wine course
Aldi’s wine expert Sam Caporn

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, adds: ‘The wonderful world of wine should be enjoyed by all and at Aldi we believe that visiting the wine aisle should be an enjoyable experience.

‘The Aldiploma provides a unique and fun approach to learning about wine, giving customers the confidence they want when selecting a wine and debunking any complicated wine terminology.’

Want to sign up? Head to to get started. Your next dinner party won’t know what hit it.