Aldi’s £7.99 smiley face pancake pans are back for pancake day

Following the return of Aldi’s sell-out hanging egg chair, yet another great Aldi product is now being introduced back onto shelves – and it’s guaranteed to make your pancake day excellent. Shrove Tuesday lands on 1 March this year, so Aldi is stocking up on great buys to help you have a flipping good day of pancake eating (sorry).

Aldi pancake pans

Whether you enjoy yours at breakfast or as a post-dinner treat (or all throughout the day), Aldi has something that is sure to bring a smile to the event: the smiley face pancake pan. After such a great response to the pan in the last couple years, Aldi has brought it back for everyone to enjoy once more.

smiley face pancake pan

Crofton Smiley Pancake Pan, £7.99, Aldi

The £7.99 pan features 7 circular moulds to pour your pancake mix into, with a different emoji-style face in each one, and the non-stick coating means it’s easy to clean when you’re finished, too.

animals pancake pan

Crofton Animal Pancake Pan, £7.99, Aldi

It doesn’t stop there though – there are other Aldi pancake pans to enjoy this Shrove Tuesday (and all year round). Also in the range is a plain mini pancake pan to make plain circular pancakes and a funky animal pan that imprints cute animal faces onto your pancakes – all are dishwasher safe and finished with non-stick coating for durability and easy clean up.

mini pancake pan

Crofton Mini Pancake Pan, £7.99, Aldi

The smiley face pan has been on sale several times at Aldi before, attracting multiple glowing reviews from happy customers.

‘Me and the kiddies love this pan! Easy to use and get the right size of pancake (my freestyle ones were always odd shapes!) And the smiley faces are a fun addition. I found no problem in turning them as I have a small plastic spatula, which worked perfectly! No sticking and very easy to clean too!’ wrote one.

Another said: ‘Was lucky to purchase the last pan online and my boys loved their pancakes. They turned out perfect 1st time.’

‘Kids love the smiley faces, tricky to turn them over but once you get use to it, it’s easy. Best purchase,’ said another.

Amazingly, the Aldi pancake pans are so popular that they’ve all sold out online already, but they are being sold in stores too, so check your local Aldi to get one in time for pancake day.

waffle maker

Ambiano Waffle Maker, £17.99, Aldi

To coincide with pancake day, Aldi has also released a waffle press and a crepe maker – perfect if you prefer the super thin crepe-style of pancake or a soft, fluffy waffle.

crepe maker

Ambiano Crepe Maker, £17.99, Aldi