Aldi has released ice cream doughnuts just in time for the May heatwave

After weeks of sub-par weather in the UK, we’re finally getting a heatwave again – hurrah! Okay, we’re not going to be breaking any records this May, but temperatures are expected to climb up to 25 degrees, so we’re more than happy to take that as a win.

As always, we can rely on Aldi to deliver the goods for everything we need to enjoy the sunny, warm weather. From its garden Specialbuys to delicious treats, Aldi has become our go-to for purse-friendly grocery shopping.

In fact, it’s just launched a brand new food product that will go down a treat this season, and it sounds pretty good. Introducing the ice cream doughnut.

Aldi ice cream doughnut

Aldi is the first UK supermarket to sell ice cream doughnuts, where the American-influenced creation has combined two of our much-loved sweet treats – ice cream and doughnuts – to make a wonderful dessert duo. Move over Yumnut, there’s a new combo in town.

Each ice cream doughnut comes decorated with rainbow sprinkles and is coated with either milk or white chocolate. Inside, you’ll find creamy vanilla ice cream. What more could you want on a warm summer’s day?

Foodie Instagram account @sweetreviewsuk revealed the new creation, and shared their thoughts on it.

‘Aesthetically these look fantastic!’ they wrote. ‘The vanilla ice cream filling is smooth and creamy and the chocolate has a nice thickness to it. ⠀

‘They are nice ice creams. We liked them but think they missed a trick by not flavouring them accordingly. Like the pink one would be strawberry. They are also a little smaller than we were expecting, but they are perfect for kids and we guess these will be really popular.’

If you’d like to try the ice cream doughnuts for yourself, they are available to buy from Aldi stores now, where you can pick up a pack of four 55ml ice cream pops for £2.29.