Aldi is now selling an air purifier at a fraction of the price of a Dyson model

Around this time of year, hayfever can be a huge challenge for many of us, even when many of us are spending more time indoors. It’s easy for pollen and air impurities to make their way into our homes through open windows during hot weather, making it a tough for those with allergies to escape.

Air purifiers are a gadget trusted by many in order to remove pollen, dust particles and dirt. As well as hayfever, they are ideal if you live in a big city that suffers from high levels of pollution, and can be particularly handy during summer months when windows are open more than usual.

Air Purifier
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However, the downside to air purifiers is their cost; most will see you spending hundreds of pounds – for instance, one of the top brands, Dyson, sells air purifier models for between £400 and £600, making them a serious investment.

Luckily, Aldi has come to the rescue with its new Easy Home Air Purifier, which will only set you back £59.99. Yes, you read that right.

aldi air purifierEasy Home Air Purifier, £59.99, Aldi 

The device — which comes in both white and black — promises to remove approx. 99.9 per cent of pollen, dirt and smoke particles, and has handy built-in timers that can be set to 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours. It also has an auto-shut off, and an LED air quality indicator so you know that your air is being purified.

As well as a 2000-hour usage (after which the EPA filter will need to be changed), Aldi’s purifier comes with a 36-month warranty, meaning any issues can easily be resolved.

So far, the product has four reviews online, averaging at four stars in total. There are some comments about its filter replacement letting it down, but it is given the seal of approval in terms of the work it does do until the filter wears out. Hopefully the retailer will make replacement filters easier to source sooner rather than later!