This is the UK airport with the longest security waiting time

While jetting off to a new destination – be it for work or pleasure (ideally for the latter) – is one of the most exciting things in the world, the inevitably tedious and time-consuming airport procedures are quite the opposite.

airport with the longest security waiting time
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If you’ve ever traveled by plane then chances are you have experienced the long queues travellers are often met with at airport security, especially during peak travel seasons like summer or Christmas.

Yes, we know. It’s all incredibly important and for the greater good of our safety, which we can definitely appreciate. However, if you’re anything like us, the only thing on your mind when you arrive at an airport (aside from looking forward to your holiday) is all the duty-free shopping on offer. So you can see why wasting precious time in a long security queue can be frustrating. But can it be avoided?

Well, while there is of course no way of getting out of actually going through security, you could avoid a massive queue by picking the airport you depart from wisely. Luckily, new research from Which? Travel has revealed the UK airports with the worst security waiting time so you know which ones to avoid if your patience tends to run thin.

The publication compiled the list by surveying 4,000 passengers who all provided an estimate of the amount of time they had spent waiting in the security queue at airports.

airport with the longest security waiting time
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The results revealed that Manchester Airport is the worst culprit, having topped the list with the longest average security queue waiting times (an average of 16 minutes per passenger) of any large UK airport, according to the research.

It was closely followed by London Stansted which had an average waiting time of 13.7 minutes per passenger, while London Luton airport came in as the third slowest with 11.7 minutes of waiting time for passengers.

Airports with the longest security waiting time

  1. Manchester Airport T1 – 22 minutes
  2. Manchester Airport T2 – 15.5 minutes
  3. Manchester Airport T3 – 15.5 minutes
  4. London Stansted – 13.7 minutes
  5. London Luton – 11.7 minutes
  6. Birmingham – 10.6 minutes
  7. Edinburgh – 10.5 minutes
  8. Heathrow T3 – 10.3 minutes
  9. Heathrow T2 – 9.6 minutes
  10. Heathrow T4 – 9.4 minutes
  11. Gatwick North – 8.7 minutes
  12. Gatwick South and Heathrow T5 – 8.6 minutes