Michelin star restaurant meals that cost less than £30

When we think of Michelin star restaurants, we imagine mouthwatering food, excellent service and at the end, a bill so big we want to cry a little bit. While some people can afford to dine at the best restaurants when they please, for others it’s saved for really special occasions. Even then, thanks to the dramatic rise in living costs, Michelin star restaurants are something some people can only dream of.

Michelin star food
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But it turns out these meals don’t always come with an eye-watering price tag. The UK Michelin Star awards for 2022 have been revealed, and show there are many restaurants offering outstanding food for a relatively cheap price.

That’s right, you can actually enjoy a Michelin star meal for less than £30 at a number of restaurants across the UK. Some even offer an a la carte main meal from just £15 per person, which is relatively a massive bargain.

Most of the cheaper restaurants are based in London, however, other places like Marlow, Leicestershire and West Sussex also made the top 10.

Cheap Michelin star restaurants in the UK

Cornerstone (Hackney, London) – £21.50 pp (two small plates)

Trishna (Marylebone, London) – £15 pp (a la carte main)

The Coach (Marlow, Buckinghamshire) – £20 pp (a la carte main)

OX Belfast (Belfast, County Antrim) – £30 pp (two courses)

Brat (Shoreditch, London) – £30 pp (two small plates)

John’s House (Mountsorrel, Leicestershire) – £26 pp (two courses)

Kitchen W8 (Kensington, London) – £27.50 pp (a la carte main)

St. JOHN Restaurant (Clerkenwell, London) – £25.20 pp (a la carte main)

The Woodspeen (Newbury, Berkshire) – £23 pp (a la carte main)

Restaurant Tristan (Horsham, West Sussex) – £30 pp (two courses)

Last year, ThinkMoney shared tips on how to enjoy Michelin star dining on a budget, such as opting for a lunch rather than dinner, as it’s usually cheaper. Restaurants are also always offering discounts and freebies for special occasions and birthdays, so it’s worth checking beforehand.

While £30 for a meal may still be a stretch for some people, it’s much more purse-friendly than the majority of Michelin star restaurants. We’ll be adding these to our list…