5 minute decluttering jobs to tackle mess in an instant

Tackling the mess and clutter in your home might seem like a gargantuan job, but perhaps you’re looking at it all wrong. Rather than attempting (and potentially failing) to tidy the entire house in one go, what you really need are quick fix tasks that can be done in an instant and instantly improve your home life.

Decluttering expert Sally Walford of Declutter Me has shared her top five-minute decluttering jobs . Try these to inject instant calm and organisation into your home.

5 minute decluttering jobs

1. Tackle your kitchen cupboards

One quick five-minute decluttering job is to open your kitchen cupboards and group similar items together. For example, all cans together in one place, rices and grains on the next shelf. Sally says, ‘Collating similar items together can stop you over-buying products,’ so this is a money-saving tip, too!

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2. Check use-by dates

‘Check all food items’ use-by date – you’ll be surprised how many have escaped to the back of the cupboard.’ Tossing out the out of date jars and sauces lurking at the back of the cupboard and fridge will not only stop you accidentally eating furry pesto, but it will help you see everything else on the shelf much easier, too.

3. The hanger test

Sally says: ‘This takes five minutes to implement but a little longer to see a result. You only wear 20 per cent of your wardrobe 80 per cent of the time. How can you tell what your 20 per cent is? The trick of the trade is to place all of your hangers in your wardrobe facing the wrong way and, as you wash and wear an item, place it back on the hanger the right way. You will soon see what your 20 per cent is.’ Read more tips on how to declutter your wardrobe here.

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4. One-in one-out rule

‘If purchasing or receiving a gift or item, donate or recycle an old one. It’s easy to do and will start you off on your decluttering journey,’ recommends Sally. For example, next time you buy a new pair of shoes or handbag, make sure you recycle or donate an old one.

5. Put up a key hook

This one requires having some tools to hand but it’s still a quick job nonetheless: ‘Installing a key hook in a hallway or a specific room can stop your frantic search for keys in the morning,’ and means they won’t be cluttering up a table.

6. Organise your handbag

‘Organising your handbag the night before saves you time the next day,’ say Sally. Plus, it gives you the chance to throw out the old receipts, gum wrappers and other handbag paraphernalia lurking at the bottom. After all, a tidy handbag is a tidy mind.

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7. Teach kids to tidy

If you’ve got young kids who are forever leaving their toys everywhere, Sally says to ‘use coloured boxes to associate different toys e.g. dollies in green box, trucks in purple box. Not only is this teaching children to organise their toys, it is also helping you at the end of a busy day.’

8. Use what you already have

If the thought of having to go out and buy a heap of specialised storage is putting you off ever tackling the clutter monster, a quick fix is to simply ‘use what you already have,’ says Sally. Take a look around and you’ll be surprised at what you already have laying around that can be repurposed as storage e.g. empty biscuit tins, shoe boxes and used up candle jars (these will need to be washed out).

But of course, Sally says one of the best five minute quick decluttering fixes is to phone Declutter Me and see how she can help you tackle the clutter in your house.

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