The £18 miracle fake tan that’s sweat-proof (and can even survive a workout)

Sunbathing is a) not great for your skin b) time-consuming – but fake tanning has its own problems, not least that when it’s very hot and muggy it has a habit of inconveniently sweating right off.

The result is typically streaky skin and stained clothes, but we may have found a fix: MineTan’s Workout Ready formula – available as an at-home mousse for £17.99 – is specifically designed to be sweat-proof, allowing perspiration to ‘pass through’ without taking the tan along with it. Genius, right?

Workout Ready Self Tan Foam, £17.99, MineTan

While the product is aimed at ‘the active person’ who doesn’t want to ruin their tan at the gym, we’re thinking this might be the perfect solution during this extended heatwave, or when we’re holidaying somewhere particularly humid.

MineTan’s owner Kirstie Kirkham told the Daily Mail: ‘Our Workout Ready range of self tanning products have been formulated with a reduced dye percentage, to decrease the residue of bronzers left on the skin.’

‘The formula also contains advanced cleansing oil molecules to cleanse and draw out impurities from the skin. This means that there are less dead skin cells and impurities on the skin, which typically hold the bronzers and cause them to run when sweating.’

If you haven’t heard of MineTan before, their USP is cutting-edge formulas. In addition to the Workout Ready range, they have developed the world’s first coconut water based fake tan for super hydration, along with a game-changing portable spray gun for at-home spray tanning. You can also try out their online Tan Selector tool, which helps you pick the right product and shade for your skin.