Decorating? Don’t do anything until you know your zodiac power colour

Consulting your star sign on big decisions is something many of us do, from testing compatibility with a potential partner to deciding what kind of house to buy, where to travel or picking the perfect pet.

Whether you believe in horoscopes, star signs and all things zodiac or not, at the very least consulting the stars can offer an alternative way of looking at things.

And now, the colour experts at Lick, the sustainable home decor brand, have delved into the meanings behind each zodiac power colours – the colours best suited to each star sign. Charlotte Cropper, Lick’s International Colour Consultant and Psychologist, has shared a closer look at how our star signs are intrinsically linked with specific colours, explaining why certain colours catch our eye and make us feel a certain way – and recommended the best Lick paint colour to match.

If you’re thinking of redecorating soon, don’t do anything until you’ve discovered your zodiac power colour.


21st March – 19th April

Personality: Bold, courageous, positive

Power colour: Red

aries red 01

‘Passionate and full of strong, positive energy, Aries is closely associated with Mars, otherwise known as ‘The Red Planet’. It’s no wonder that Red 01 is the colour for this zodiac sign; it’s the colour of warmth and courage. An inspiring red that packs a punch.’


20th April – 20th May

Personality: Intelligent, dependable, hardworking

Power colour: Green

Taurus Green 02

‘Taurus’ spirit is reliable, down to earth, and linked to progress, making green the perfect colour to represent this Earth sign. Green 02 represents stability and growth, reinforcing Taurus’ connection to nature, bringing life to a space. This zodiac sign is also closely linked to planet Venus and Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, making it a natural pairing to Pink 04, a gentle hue with a caring nature.’


21st May – 20th June

Personality: Radiant, adaptable, outgoing

Power colour: Yellow

Gemini Yellow 02

‘Just like the Sun, Gemini brightens up a room, making Yellow 02 the colour of this zodiac air sign. Yellow triggers curiosity and the idea that anything is possible, and its red undertones make this an optimistic colour that shines through in Gemini’s upbeat and joyful nature. Yellow is also the colour of emotion, boosting Gemini’s sense of focus and ability to adapt to change.’


21st June – 22nd July

Personality: Loyal, protective, caring

Power colour: Silver

Cancer Blue 01

‘Cancer is the first zodiac sign of water and closely linked to the moon. Blue 01 is your go-to hue – a gentle, grey-based blue that reflects purity, just like the surface of the moon. Its soft undertones tap into Cancer’s sensitivity and understanding, a calming colour that encourages reflection and serenity.’


23rd July – 22nd August

Personality: Compassion, drive, leadership

Power colour: Orange

Leo Orange 02

‘Leo is one of the most prominent fire signs in the zodiac, closely associated with the sun. Orange 02 symbolises Leo’s ambitious and proud nature, a physically and mentally stimulating colour. This warm tone reflects a generous heart and strong, positive spirit. A rich colour that demands attention. Looking for love, yellows or pinks are your colour to gravitate towards.’


23rd August – 22nd September

Personality: Reliable, kind, patient

Power colour: Brown

Virgo Brown 02

‘Virgo is an earth sign, tied to agriculture and new life, so what better colours to represent this sensitive soul than Brown 02 and Green 05. Brown 02 is the colour of stability and security, supporting Virgo’s methodical nature, while Green 05 is the colour of growth, hinting at Virgo’s grounded energy.’


23rd September – 22nd October

Personality: Compassionate, honest, friendly

Power colour: Blue/pink

Libra Blue 04

‘Libra is the main air sign, believed to be the sign of ‘balance’. Blue 04 brings a sense of calm and reflection to the table, much like Libra. Simple and honest, this sky blue is a colour you can depend on.’


23rd October – 21st November

Personality: Secretive, passionate, creative

Power colour: Black

Scorpio Black 01

‘Dark and mysterious but full of substance, Black 01 reflects Scorpio’s intensely inquisitive spirit. Unafraid of challenge and growth, this cool hue oozes confidence and authority.’


22nd November – 21st December

Personality: Loyal, smart, assertive

Power colour: Purple

Sagittarius Purple 03

‘Open minded and optimistic, Sagittarius has a philosophical mind, making purple the optimum colour. Purple 03 with its rich velvet undertones offers abundance and generosity, dreaming of the future, while Purple 06 mirrors Sagittarius’ positive nature with it’s delicate tone. Purple is often considered the colour of spirituality, a combination of the energy of red and integrity of blue.’


22nd December – 19th January

Personality: Ambitious, sensitive, realistic

Power colour: Grey

Capricorn Greige 03

‘An earth sign, ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is reliable and ambitious. Capricorns align with grey and browns, the colour of rocks and metal. Greige 03 is a beautiful blend of grey, green and beige – calming and cocooning. This earthy hue reflects Capricorn’s drive, determination and potential for growth, while keeping their feet firmly on the ground.’


20th January – 18th February

Personality: Optimistic, self-reliant, eccentric

Power colour: Blue

Aquarius Blue 10

‘It comes as no surprise that blue is the colour of Aquarius; not only is the clue in the name, but this air sign is closely associated with Uranus, the blue planet. The difference between the blue of Aquarius and other zodiac signs is in its strength. Blue 10 is a bold, vibrant hue, reflecting Aquarius’ excited energy and sociable spirit.’


19th February – 20th March

Personality: Gentle, adaptable, gracious

Power colour: Light green

Pisces Blue 03

‘Pisces is a water sign and translates from Latin as ‘fishes’. Heavily associated with the ocean and the bluey-green tone, Blue 03 is a soft dreamy colour, easy to get lost in. Its blue notes bring serenity and reflection, whilst its green undertones inspire growth and change… all with a heart as big as the ocean.’