ZARA has a new Oud perfume collection

By now, ZARA’s perfume collection is no secret. They include bestselling ranges that have been created in partnership with Jo Malone, aka the perfume extraordinaire, and designer dupes to boot, all with extremely affordable prices – it’s no wonder ZARA perfumes are so popular.

And now the high street fashion chain has brought out some new scents to join the range: the ZARA Oud perfume collection.

Made up of four perfumes, the new collection of fragrances all include a healthy dose of oud, the perfume ingredient that’s often referred to as ‘liquid gold’ and is one of the most expensive perfume ingredients in the world – which is why oud perfumes often conjure the idea of luxury, opulence and mysticism.

If that sounds up your street, then this new ZARA Oud perfume range is for you. What’s even better is that each one is just £19.99 for 80ml, making them probably the most affordable and accessible oud perfumes on the market.

First up, there’s Bohemian Oud. Described on the ZARA website as a ‘fascinating and mystical getaway’, this is the spicy take on oud, with notes of black pepper, vanilla, leather, cocoa and incense.

bohemian oud

Bohemian Oud, £19.99, ZARA

Then there’s Hipster Oud – described as smelling like ‘a warm dawn’, this is the fruity, floral iteration in the collection. Notes includes orange blossom, blackcurrant, rose and lily of the valley, with amber and musk base notes for a sensual addition.

hipster oud

Hipster Oud, £19.99, ZARA

The Endless Oud perfume is the supposedly ‘fresh’ take on oud, but still with that noticeable headiness. It’s mixed with notes of bergamot, pink pepper, cedar wood, patchouli and vetiver.

endless oud

Endless Oud, £19.99, ZARA

Finally, Perpetual Oud, which boasts and ‘explosive blend’ of pear, spicy pepper, red roses and saffron, with powerful notes of amber, patchouli and comforting musk. ZARA calls it an ‘extraordinary and daring fragrance.’

perpetual oud

Perpetual Oud, £19.99, ZARA