Zara just launched an advent calendar full of its Jo Malone fragrance collection

Move over chocolate, beauty advent calendars are now the way to countdown to Christmas, so much so that there’s hardly a brand that doesn’t make one these days. And now even one of our high street favourites Zara has joined the club – and boy was it worth the wait.

Zara advent calendar

Remember that collaboration between Zara and perfumer extraordinaire Jo Malone CBE on a range of luxury fragrances and candles? Of course you do – dubbed Zara Emotions, the exciting team-up of two of our favourites resulted in a gorgeous smelling collection of products that evoke entire scenes in one whiff, all at high street prices.

Zara beauty advent calendar

Beauty Wardrobe Zara Emotions, £99.99, Zara

Well, the Zara advent calendar is packed full with that very collection, including some brand new body products, too. The Zara Beauty Wardrobe contains candles, perfumes, body lotions and hand and body washes all in those signature Zara Emotions scents, plus behind the door for 25 December lies a very special surprise: a new, exclusive scent that is soon to become part of the permanent collection, but you’ll have your hands on it first.

Zara Jo Malone beauty products

For a full breakdown of the entire contents of the Zara advent calendar – plus a spoiler of that exclusive new product – read on…

  • Vetiver Pamplemousse Eau de Parfum (15ml)
  • Waterlily Tea Dress Eau de Parfum (15ml)
  • Ebony Wood Eau de Parfum (15ml)
  • Amalfi Sunray Eae de Parfum (15ml)
  • Fleur D’Oranger Eau de Parfum (15ml)
  • Tuberose Noir Eau de Parfum (15ml)
  • Fleur de Patchouli Eau de parfum (15ml)
  • Bohemian Bluebells Eau de Parfum (15ml)
  • Vetiver Pamplemousse Aromatic Candle (35g)
  • Waterlily Tea Dress Aromatic Candle (35g)
  • Ebony Wood Aromatic Candle (35g)
  • Amalfi Sunray Aromatic Candle (35g)
  • Fleur D’Oranger Aromatic Candle (35g)
  • Tuberose Noir Aromatic Candle (35g)
  • Fleur de Patchouli Aromatic Candle (35g)
  • Bohemian Bluebells Aromatic Candle (35g)
  • Vetiver Pamplemousse Fragranced Hand and Body Wash (50ml)
  • Waterlily Tea Dress Fragranced Hand and Body Wash (50ml)
  • Ebony Wood Fragranced Hand and Body Wash (50ml)
  • Amalfi Sunray Fragranced Hand and Body Wash (50ml)
  • Vetiver Pamplemousse Fragranced Body Lotion (50ml)
  • Waterlily Tea Dress Fragranced Body Lotion (50ml)
  • Ebony Wood Fragranced Body Lotion (50ml)
  • Amalfi Sunray Fragranced Body Lotion (50ml)
  • Jo’s Rhubarb Eau de Parfum (40ml)
Zara advent calendar contents

At £99.99, it’s cheaper than its other luxury beauty calendar counterparts and is a great, more affordable alternative to Jo Malone’s sold out £320 calendar. Get your Zara advent calendar online now before that too (predictably) sells out.