This revolutionary moisturiser crashed the Boots website when it launched

A special moisturiser has been receiving rave reviews for its ability to turn back the clock for the skin and make us all look ten years younger.

Youth Lab’s Oxygen Moisture Cream has just launched in the UK for the first time and beauty enthusiasts are already praising the product for its impressive powers. In fact, it’s proved so popular that on its first day of sale, it completely crashed Boots’ website, because eager shoppers were so keen to get their hands on it – and has been sold out ever since.

woman applying skincare
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The moisturiser, which is being hailed ‘the first of its kind to hit the high street’ is designed to re-program the skin to ‘act younger’, according to its makers.

It’s infused with key ingredients such as wild yam (which is believed to stimulate collagen reproduction), baker’s yeast (which contains elements crucial to skin health like amino acids, proteins, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins), ribose, vitamin B3 and biomimetic actives, which are used to reverse the signs of ageing.

Fighting loss of collagen, working as a depigmentation agent, reducing appearance of unwanted dark spots and restoring skin cells are also said to be benefits of regular use of the cream.

The components used in the formula are both herbal and bio-technological, making them biocompatible – which, simply put, means the skin recognises them as part of its own composition and instantly soaks up the actives.


Oxygen Moisture Cream For Normal Skin, £19.90, Boots

Talking about the new hero product, Konstantinos Kafkas, founder of Youth Lab, said: ‘As skin metabolism is a natural mechanism proven to be key in maintaining youthful and healthy skin, the future of skin care is inextricably linked with the metabolic science and destined to revolve around it.

She continued: ‘Youth Lab will make skin of a 40-year-old perform like it did in your thirties – reducing ageing, reversing signs of sun damage, giving it more moisture, better texture and lasting results.

‘When it comes to anti-aging, there’s a long list of things you have to do: avoid sugar, tone the muscles of your face, and speed up your metabolism – on a cellular level. Cell renewal is one of the core activities that the skin does to keep itself looking youthful.’