July’s Come Fly with Me! reviews

SkinChemists Aqua Repair Facial Serum
SkinChemists Aqua Repair Facial Serum is a luxury skincare product, designed to hydrate, firm and soothe the skin, whilst it evens skin tone and minimising redness. I was keen to try this serum because I have quite an uneven complexion and am rocketing past the first signs of ageing. On first use I was delighted with how much it nourished my skin and, after a 2-week trial, my skin is notably smoother and looks much more rested. Use this twice daily for best results and really massage it into skin as you go. The shortlist sample size contains enough for a good two-week test and I knew I was hooked after just one. Holly Wadsworth-Hill
The English Soap Company Vintage Rose Rich Shea Butter Soap
I’ve never tried anything from this brand before so this was a first for me and it didn’t disappoint. Firstly, these soap bars are substantial in size and, having used mine daily for three weeks, I think it will last for another 4-6 weeks at least – they are super chunky. Next, the fragrance – they smell really, really lovely! They are fresh and fragrant without being too overpowering. The soaps are handmade and contain gentle, natural ingredients with essential oils so you’ll notice a huge difference between these and regular soaps – they moisturise the skin rather than drying it. The usual price is just under £5 – very reasonable considering the size and quality – I think I fancy the Lavender one next! Holly Wadsworth-Hill
Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water

I love Simple as a brand. Effective, designed for sensitive skin (which I have), affordable and…it works, what more could you want! This is one of my holiday heroes in my summer washbag. After a long day soaking up the rays, your skin will need some TLC, so, packed with minerals and multi-vitamins, this product is just the answer to cleanse and hydrate your skin. Charlotte Ashton
The Green People Age Defy+ 24 Hr Brightening
This product has 33 beauty-enhancing actives in it…yes 33! One of the things that is great about this product is that whilst it is an anti-wrinkle moisturiser (I’m in more of the prevention rather than cure stages of my skin, but that’s, better right?!) it also aids age-spot reduction. No matter how many cream and serums one applies, if, like me, you love to sit in the sun for as many hours as possible you run the risk of age-spots through UV damage. This product is brilliant for overall moisturisation but also for helping to keep ageing at bay!
Physicool Pink Handbag containing Cooling Mist
It’s certainly the best time of the year to enjoy this brilliant product! This came massively in handy when baking hot on stuffy public transport in the recent mini-heatwave. It immediately cools me down and when sprayed on my arms especially, leaves a prolonged fresh feeling that really cools me down in the heat. And, as an added bonus, the pink packaging won’t get lost in your handbag! Tessa Bali
Bohemian Chic Minerals Pretty in Pink Eyeshadow
This is a lovely uplifting subtle eyeshadow that feels light, doesn’t smudge and looks nice on the cheekbones, lips as a highlighter, and is easy to carry round and apply – I really love that it can be used as a multi-purpose bit of kit and the mineral formulation means it has a strong pigment that keeps it in place for longer than most. Tessa Bali


Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure – Shade 673
I love a nail polish that has added benefits for the nails! The Complete Salon Manicure range has 5 benefits for the nails: strengthens, grows, protects, nourishes and colours! The fat brush means easy application, that leaves a lovely, smooth finish. It’s also a nice bright colour for summer, I know I will be rocking this whilst I enjoy the warm weather! Kate Croft
The English Soap Company – Jasmine Rich Shea Butter Soap

I would never usually use soap but I could not resist the smell of this soap! The shea butter with essential oils is a 100% vegetable soap bar which means it is incredibly nourishing! I find some soaps leave my skin feeling dry and cracked, but Jasmine Rich Shea Butter Soap leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised. Kate Croft
The Body Shop Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil
I’m a sucker for a face oil, I can’t get enough of them, if you came into my room you would spot about 8/9 as soon as you walked in! The biggest beauty trend this year is all about vitamin serums, apparently you need to apply vitamins topically to your face instead of taking them internally as a tablet. It is believed only 1% of vitamins reach your skin/hair & nails as the majority is destroyed by your digestive system. The Body Shop’s Revitalising Facial Oil contains a number of vitamins & seed oils which are designed to replenish the skins surface and give you a radiant glow. I find that it works best if you apply it before bed and after cleansing. Cassie Hallala
Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower Oil Comforting & Uplifing
This bath oil is absolutely perfect for when you need a pick me up after a long day at work. I used it once, in the bath, when I had a cold and it made me feel SO good after. It smells similar to Olbas oil so it really clears your sinuses. I also found if you put it on your chest and breathe deeply in the bath it’s really invigorating and gave me a burst of energy when I needed it most! I highly recommend this product, especially for fellow bath lovers. Cassie Hallala
Hawaiian Tropic Air Soft Face 
I have been using this as my daily moisturiser over the past couple of weeks and my skin looks and feels amazing because of it – I haven’t changed anything else. It’s incredibly hydrating without being greasy, and really does last the full promised 12 hours – which is great whilst on holiday or enjoying the recent wonderful weather. The pump packaging distributes just the right amount, and the cream has a lovely subtle coconut scent which caused no irritation and acted as a great base for foundation. Brogan Wright
Salon Science Cooling Spray  
I have an incredibly dry scalp so when I received this product I was very excited to try it. The range contains an ingredient called aquacacteen which prevents moisture loss, and helps to provide scalp relief and hydration to the hair. You can apply the product to wet or dry hair, so I applied it from root to tip after washing, and then directly to the scalp when it was feeling a little dry in-between washes. After a couple of uses I definitely noticed that my scalp felt less irritated and my hair felt healthier. Brogan Wright
Vita Liberata Self-Tanning Night Moisture Mask
I am partial to a spot of sun-worshipping but I know the safest way to a glow is the fake way and, when the weather is amazing and you’re stuck in an office, this becomes your new best friend. What I love most about this night-time tanner is that it doesn’t interfere with my daytime routine – so there’s no need for me to stress my complexion on a quest for a tan! This tanning mask applies quickly (without being sticky) and is easy to forget about whilst you sleep. The following morning, I woke with a subtle, healthy-looking glow that built gradually throughout the week. I am seriously impressed with this product – not least because of how practical it is. Dru Ryder
Invisibobble The Traceless Hair Ring – True Black
I have been using Invisibobble for a while now and I wanted the opportunity to shout about them to anyone who hasn’t tried them yet. These hairbands are the best you will try – not only do they have a snag-free design that won’t damage or pull your hair whilst styling or removing, but the ringed design also means they leave no dent in the hair at all – so they can be taken out without giving you that dodgy tell-tale wave. Once in the hair, they hide nicely and are virtually invisible so they are great for everyday wear as well as occasions when you want to rock an up-do but don’t want a boring hairband on show! #superfan Holly Wadsworth-Hill
OMS Sublime Enzyme – Exfoliate & Resurface Mask
FREE treat alert! All YBB members will get a sample of this in there July Beauty Box! OMS stands for OhMySkin – an innovative skincare brand dedicated to producing effective alternatives to acid peels and aggressive skin exfoliants which are known to damage the skin. This mask is packed with potent but natural ingredients and is one of the few masks that I have tried, to really feel like it’s working upon application. After use, my skin felt genuinely amazing – so much smoother and healthier-looking with a fresh-faced glow that I haven’t had in a while! Holly Wadsworth-Hill
St.Tropez, Gradual Tan, In shower *50ml (FREE to GOLD members only)
When everyone’s telling you how well you look (and even your husband notices), you know you’re onto a good thing! This near-magical tanning lotion works like this – shower and wash as usual – turn the shower off and apply this all-over, just like you would a moisturiser. Wait 3 minutes (I’ve taken to making myself a cup of tea and parking it just outside the shower to drink whilst I wait. Rinse. There is no immediate effect – it takes the day to develop and builds up gradually from glow to notable but natural-looking colour. I used this every day for 5 days, then every other day as I was getting a bit of build-up. This is far and away my favourite self-tanning product.
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