Yorkshire Tea has just invented a toast and jam flavoured brew

There’s no breakfast that’s more like a comforting hug in foodie form than a cuppa and crispy toast topped with a thick layer of jam. Now, we’re not going to start a riot by asking you how dark you toast your bread or how you pour your ideal brew (we know better than that, although the Queen’s official tea supplier says this is the key to a perfect cuppa), but we do have a public service announcement for all you toast-and-tea fans: Yorkshire Tea have done us all a favour and made a jam and toast flavoured tea.

toast and jam and tea
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Combining their top quality extra strong Yorkshire Tea blend with the lip smacking taste of toasty, jammy loveliness, this really is the ultimate breakfast in a brew.

Kate Halloran, Tea Innovation Manager at Yorkshire Tea and the inventor or the jammy cuppa, said: ‘Toast & Jam is a lip-smacking smattering of toasty, jammy loveliness. Perfect for mornings, it is a strong breakfast blend with all of the loveliness of jam on toast without the crumbs!

‘We wanted to create a tea that will send people into their day with a spring in their step and a smile in their soul. This new brew has been a long time in the making and I absolutely can’t wait for everyone to try it. We hope you love it as much as we do.’

Yorkshire Tea Toast & Jam
Yorkshire Tea

Toast & Jam Brew, £2.29, Asda

While we usually prefer our tea untouched, the combination of two of our favourite ways to start a morning all in one cup intrigues us. We’re big fans of Yorkshire Tea’s Biscuit Brew, a miraculously malty tea that tastes like the most dunkable of biscuits, so we can’t wait to see what the Toast & Jam Brew holds.

The famous tea brand announced the news via their Instagram page, with a humorous list of answers to frequently asked questions about the tea:

● No, really
● This is not a drill! Repeat: this is not a drill!
● It’s a real tea that tastes like real tea, but also toast and also jam
● What sort of jam? Not telling
● It’s well nice m8
● It’s in @Asda from Thursday
● Look, just don’t spin out about it alright?’

A box of 40 tea bags will cost £2.29 and will be available to shop in Asda stores and online from Thursday 24 September.