Yankee Candle has revealed its scent of the year for 2021

Smells – good and bad – have the power to transport us back in time. A certain scent can bring back memories of specific people and special places. Whether you have a soft cotton fragrance floating around in your home, or prefer a more floral one like Jennifer Aniston, there’s truly something special about the feeling fragrances can evoke.

Yankee Candle, famous for its pungent and spot-on smells, announce a fragrance of the year annually to summarize the mood of the world. So it’s no shock to see the fragrance this year has been influenced by COVID and lockdown restrictions.


The Yankee Candle 2021 scent of the year is called Discovery. The aim of the scent is to find a connection between different people and parts of the world – something we haven’t been able to physically enjoy for a long time.

The fragrance contains a blend of fruit and spices, with red ginger and starfruit at the heart of it. Red ginger brings freshness, while mango, passion fruit and vanilla spice add deliciously sweet notes. The starfruit is supposed to evoke feelings of relaxation on a Caribbean island and mimic the excitement of exploring tropical jungles. Sit back, relax, and feel like you’re in paradise with each sniff. Yes, please.

Anna Whitton, vice president of marketing for Yankee Candle, says: ‘Working closely with fragrance and trend experts, we found that people around the globe are craving travel and exploration now more than ever before.

‘Knowing that travel may still be out of reach for many this year, Discovery was designed to help people discover new cultures, make new memories, and embrace new connections from the comfort of their own homes.’

Yankee candle
Yankee Candle

Discovery, £26.99, Yankee Candle

The 2020 scent of the year was called Awaken, inspired by people wanting to embrace simplicity. In 2019, the Yankee Candle called One Together was all about expressing individuality.

Discovery will be available to buy for £26.99 from 21 March, International Fragrance Day.