You can take a holiday for £99 thanks to the return of Wowcher’s Mystery holiday deal

We know that not everyone feels ready to take a trip abroad yet this year. But if you are keen to travel sooner rather than later, and want to make your budget stretch as far as possible, then Wowcher’s Mystery Holiday deal may be exactly what you need.

The discount and deals site is back with its regular offer, which allows customers to book a holiday including flights and a hotel stay for just £99 per person. The only catch is that, as always, you won’t find out where you’re off to until after you’ve placed your booking (that’s where the ‘mystery’ comes in).

Wowcher Mystery Holiday
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It’s a slightly nerve-racking prospect, we know – but that’s exactly why the deal is strictly for those who have no qualms about taking a gamble on their much longed-for adventure. And hey, you’ll get a holiday regardless so you can’t go too far wrong.

Wowcher has listed the names of the potential destinations you could end up in and they all sound pretty amazing – from long haul stays in Barbados and the Bahamas to European city breaks in locations like Monte Carlo, Paris, Venice, Rome, and Copenhagen, and of course, beach breaks in sunny spots like Crete, Croatia, Seville, Ibiza and Corfu.

Ultimately, it’s a pretty extensive list with some uber luxurious locations, all of which you may end up visiting for less than £100. If that isn’t a dice roll worth taking, we don’t know what is.

Wowcher Mystery Holiday
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When booking you can select your preferred dates – trips between September 2020 and March 2021 are £99 per person, or if you want to get away in August 2020, or between April and July 2021, it’s slightly more expensive, at £129. To quell any fears about changes in policy, if you are drawn a destination which is added to the UK quarantine list, Wowcher confirms that you will be offered a suitable alternative.

For more information and to make your booking, head to