You can now book a holiday for just £99 thanks to this exciting deal

Are you an adventurous traveller? If so, then we may just have found the perfect, not to mention purse-friendly, way to book your holiday for summer 2019. If you’ve yet to pick a destination to visit for your next getaway, then Wowcher’s Mystery Holiday deal may be exactly what you need.

The discount and deals site is back with its annual offer which allows customers to book a holiday for just £99 per person. However, the catch is that you won’t find out where you’re off to until after you’ve placed your booking.

Wowcher Mystery Holiday
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Scary, we know. But that’s exactly why the deal is strictly for those who have no qualms about taking risks and in this case, we’ll get a holiday regardless so even the worse outcome can’t possibly be that bad.

Especially because Wowcher has listed the names of the potential destinations you could end up in and they all sound pretty amazing. From New York, Dubai and Las Vegas to Bali, Thailand, Ibiza or Rome – its a very extensive list with some very luxurious locations, all of which you may end up visiting for just £99. If that isn’t a risk worth taking, we don’t know what is.

The duration of your trip will vary depending on the destination with most of the holidays on offer being two and three night breaks, while long-haul destinations such as Bali and Thailand will be seven nights.

Wowcher Mystery Holiday
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However, if you want to get involved, you best get a move on as the Mystery Holiday offer ends on Thursday 24 July. The destination will then be picked at random in a prize draw.

When booking you can select your preferred dates by choosing from a select window which starts in September and goes as far as 15 March 2020. But with that being said, there are also a select number of July and August breaks going from £129 per person.

However, it is worth noting that the £99 deal is only valid when departing from Stansted, Gatwick, Southend, Luton and Heathrow. You can still choose to depart from another UK airport, though you’d have to pay an additional £40 to £60 for this change.