The world’s most popular flight path has been revealed


When you think about which flight routes are the most popular, the likes of London to New York, Los Angeles to Sydney or even London to Dublin probably spring to mind, but, we’ve all got it wrong.

According to a new survey, conducted by aviation network Routes, the most popular flight route is that of Seoul to the island of Jeju.

Yep, we told you you’d probably be surprised.

Jeju Island is actually located off the southern coast of the Korean Peninsular and around 13.4 million people travel from Seoul’s Gimpo Airport to Jeju each year.

According to Routes’s research, an average of 180 flights per day travel from the Seoul to the island meaning one takes off every eight minutes. Why? Because it’s popular for many reasons.

Home to beaches and glorious verdant landscapes, many Koreans love to holiday as the flight time is only just over one hour and you can get there for the equivalent of as little as £20. It’s also a popular honeymoon destination for Koreans with many choosing to visit the famous Loveland theme park which is all about… making love.

In second place came Melbourne to Sydney with over nine million passengers flying that route and in third came Sapporo to Tokyo with over eight and a half million passengers booking onto those flights. Interestingly, no British, European or American routes made the final list.

Check out the full list of the world’s top 10 busiest flight routes in the world below – do any others surprise you?

  1. Jeju to Seoul Gimpo: 13,460,306 passengers
  2. Melbourne to Sydney Kingsford Smith: 9,090,941 passengers
  3. Sapporo to Tokyo Haneda: 8,726,502 passengers
  4. Fukuoka to Tokyo Haneda: 7,864,000 passengers
  5. Mumbai to Delhi: 7,129,943 passengers
  6. Beijing Capital to Shanghai Hongqiao: 6,833,684 passengers
  7. Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City: 6,769,823 passengers
  8. Hong Kong to Taiwan Taoyuan: 6,719,030 passengers
  9. Jakarta to Juanda Surabaya: 5,271,304 passengers
  10. Tokyo Haneda to Okinawa: 5,269,481 passenger