These are the most popular winter interior trends on Pinterest

Winter brings with it lots of fun and festivity, but the cold weather also means we spend more time indoors. If lockdown showed us anything, it’s that spending too much time within the same walls has us itching to redecorate. So if you’ve got a similar feeling now that winter is in full swing, you’ll be pleased to know experts at WeThrift have found out what the most popular winter interior trends are this year.

Using data from Pinterest trends, the experts looked at what users have been adding to their inspiration boards ahead of winter, and some of the results might surprise you. Etsy revealed the top interiors colour for 2022 is emerald green, but it seems for winter 2021, Pinterest users are dreaming of other warm colours, like burnt orange and dark blue.

Nick Drewe, trend specialist at WeThrift, said: ‘It seems this year, it’s out with the grey and in with the blue. It’s a trend we’re all ready to embrace this winter, as we look for colourful ways to bring the season into our homes. Peacock and dark blue offer a different, yet still cosy feel, achieving a more elegant, traditional look.

‘Traditional winter tones such as burnt orange are taking over. This retro shade creates the perfect chic, modern look that interior fanatics just can’t get enough of. Although it was once considered a shade to avoid in your home, burnt orange can give any room a burst of energy and vibrancy.’

When it comes to the bedroom, we still want to bring the outdoors in, with an increase in searches for floral bedding and wood paneling, which became a ‘hot trend during lockdown’.

‘This year’s home decor has been all about reconnecting with nature and now floral bedding is making a bold comeback, with a search increase of 135 per cent on Pinterest,’ Nick said. ‘Floral bedding is perfect for bringing personality into the home, you can layer with bold tones and clashing prints too.’

Another interiors trend we saw take over during lockdown was for bouclé fabrics, mainly sofas, chairs and stools. But what else have we been eyeing up for inspiration this winter?…

The top winter interior trends on Pinterest

1. Limewash Walls (284 per cent increase)

2. Vintage (233 per cent increase)

vintage interiors
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3. Burnt Orange (142 per cent increase)

Burnt orange wall
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4. Floral Bedding (135 per cent increase)

floral bedding zara home

Floral duvet cover, £59.99-£85.99, ZARA Home

5. Bouclé Sofa (127 per cent increase)

boucle sofa

Trudy 3 Seater Sofa, Whitewash Bouclé, £799, MADE

6. Dark Blue (92 per cent increase)

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7. Wood Panel Wall (89 per cent increase)

wood panel
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8. Peacock Blue (88 per cent increase)

9. Tartan Living Room (60 per cent increase)

10. Black Wall (55 per cent increase)