Celebrate Wimbledon in style with a strawberry sherry trifle

It’s quite easy to get swept up with the magic of Wimbledon here in the UK, especially when the sun is shining and the drinks are flowing. Whether you are court side or watching from the comfort of your living room, the fortnight of tennis matches and events (including celeb spotting in the stands) brings us endless excitement and pleasure.

And of course one of the best parts of the Wimbledon season is the delicious food and drink which accompany it. Which brings us (of course) onto strawberries!

Strawberries have been a quintessential ingredient in not only Wimbledon but the entire summer time period in the UK, which is why we have chosen this delicious strawberry trifle recipe made with sherry and tantalising ricotta orange cream for your Wimbledon indulgence. Is there anything better than sitting in the sun with a delicious dish in your hands?


750g ricotta drained

75g white caster sugar

1 tsp finely grated orange zest

12 soft amaretti (roughly about 100g total) finely crumbled

1 tbsp medium sherry or Madeira

600g strawberries plus extra to decorate if you wish

1. Whiz the ricotta, sugar and orange zest together in a food processor until it becomes smooth.

2. Then toss the amaretti crumbs in a medium-size bowl with the sherry to lightly coat them, then scatter half of these over the base of a 20 cm glass trifle dish or serving bowl (about 1.5 litre capacity or similar).

3. Hull and slice the strawberries, then scatter half the strawberries over the crumbs (or you can arrange them decoratively). Then smooth over half the ricotta, and repeat the layers.

4. Decorate with extra sliced strawberries if wished, cover and chill, and serve within half a day.


If this inviting combination of strawberries and alcohol (don’t mind if we do) is just what you fancy, you may also like to try Skye Mcalpine’s refreshing strawberry and vodka sorbet recipe.