Wild Wild Country: The new Netflix docu-series we’re all about to be obsessed with

Thought you’d managed to get on top of your Netflix bingeing? Think again. A brand-new series is starting this month and it promises to be addictive viewing.

Wild Wild Country depicts the true, incredible story of one America’s strangest cults. When Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh arrived in the desert of Wasco County, Oregon, in 1981, it was with the intention of establishing a utopian city called Rajneeshpuram, to be populated by thousands of his cult followers. But conflict with the conservative locals – wary of Rajneesh’s free love beliefs and unhappy with the settlement – led to a culture clash that culminated in the largest bioterror attack in U.S. history.


Six episodes of the documentary, which premiered to huge acclaim at Sundance Film Festival, will be released in one go on Netflix at 8am on Friday 16 March.

And while you wait for the drop, here’s our pick of Netflix’s must-watch documentaries to give a go in the meantime….



The film, which focuses on the head of Russia’s anti-doping agency who blew the whistle on the widespread use of performance-enhancing drugs by many Russian athletes. It won the award for Best Documentary at the 2018 Oscars, becoming the first feature-length film produced by Netflix to have taken home a gold statuette.

The White Helmets


This British short documentary follows the daily operations of a group of rescue volunteer workers of the Syrian Civil Defence (also known as the White Helmets). It won Best Documentary (Short Subject) at the 2017 Academy Awards


Matt D’Avella

This documentary tells the stories of people who are dedicated to a minimalist lifestyle, rejecting the idea that things bring happiness, and instead embracing that less is more. It has gained a cult following.

Five Foot Two


Five Foot Two follows pop superstar Lady Gaga as she releases a new album and preps for her Super Bowl halftime show – catching the maelstrom of her physical and emotional challenges along the way.



The stress endured by whales in captivity is at the heart of this documentary, which investigates the life if Tilikum, an orca whale involved in the deaths of three individuals. The film has impacted massively on the industry – Seaworld reported losses of $15.9 million.

Feature by Miranda Thompson