Hey, good cooking! Inside the kitchens of three of our favourite chefs and food bloggers

Ever wondered how the cookery pros kit out their kitchens? We take a peek inside the cupboards of three of our favourite chefs and food bloggers.

Be bold with colour, says Julia Sherman

Julia Sherman kitchen
Function is the first thing Julia considered when designing the kitchen space. The large island takes up most of the footprint and gives a clue that this is a working kitchen, not just for show. The yellow bar stools and painted door add a flash of vibrancy and personality. For similar stools, try cultfurniture.com. Image: Claire Bingham

New York-born Julia – the woman who made salads sexy with her popular food blog Salad for President – knows a thing or two about creating vibrant-looking dishes. This skill is echoed in the design of her kitchen: a colourful and elegant space with a contemporary edge.

Julia’s tips and tricks

Julia Sherman kitchen
The mix of storage ranges from open shelving in the pantry – so Julia can see all her ingredients at a glance and keep them safely out of the reach from her dog Lucy – to the high cabinets used for non-essentials. Image: Claire Bingham
  • When it comes to cooking, keep things streamlined and have only the most beautiful items on display. 
  • Utensils don’t need to be expensive to be ergonomically brilliant. My go-to is a spatula that I bought from a market in Peru. It’s basic, square cut in aluminium, has a wooden handle and is the perfect size.
  • You don’t need flashy gadgets to get the job done, either. My fanciest kitchen device is a handmade Florentine kitchen knife with a beautiful inlaid handle, which was a present from my dad.
  • Have two sets of dinnerware – one for everyday use and one for special occasions. I have a crazy colourful collection of ceramics that I keep separate for entertaining and sentimental purposes. I store these in my high cupboards.
  • Use books to create eye-catching displays. I have stacks of recipe books that I use to add further colour to my kitchen, including one of my favourites, Dorothy Iannone’s A Cookbook.

Let there be lots of light, says Anna Barnett

Anna Barnett kitchen
The kitchen is at the centre of the space, next to the window, making it a bright and well-lit area for cooking. Designed by pluck.kitchen, the island is large enough to use for Anna’s cookery classes. Image: Claire Bingham

Super-stylish Anna, who worked for the fashion label House of Holland before turning to cooking and writing, has maximised the beauty of this former schoolhouse in London’s Hackney while adding some modern magic. Anna uses the space to host cookery classes (although these are currently taking place on Instagram due to the pandemic).

Anna’s tips and tricks

Anna Barnett kitchen
A masterclass in the art of mixing materials, the kitchen ticks all boxes: from the veneer cabinets to the grey Arabescato Vagli marble worktop and brass taps by perrinandrowe.co.uk. Image: Claire Bingham
  • Keep your go-to cooking utensils within easy reach. Mine is a pair of tongs which I keep in a pot next to the cooker – I use them for everything!
  • It’s important to have a few non-essential luxuries in the kitchen – things that ignite joy. My most treasured ones are a Microplane grater and my silver salt and pepper mill.
  • Keep things simple when it comes to cooking. Nigel Slater is a food hero of mine. I’m drawn to a simplistic approach to great cuisine. It’s less stressful. 
  • Invest in quality flooring and hardware such as taps and door handles. They will make a big difference to the look and feel of the space and stand the test of time.

Make it a happy space, says Rachel Khoo

rachel khoo kitchen
The kitchen was designed by devolkitchens.co.uk. The worktop is from reclamation specialist retrouvius.com. Rachel’s go-to kitchen colour is green, which keeps the look fresh and contemporary. For a similar shade, try Cooking Apple Green from farrow-ball.com. Image: Claire Bingham

A far cry from white cabinets and stainless steel, this pretty green kitchen in London has a personality that’s as fun and fresh as its nomadic owner, cook and TV presenter Rachel.

Rachel’s tips and tricks

  • Make your kitchen an enjoyable space to be in. I love listening to podcasts while cooking. Some of my favourites include Margie Broadhead’s Desert Island Dishes and Dawn O’Porter’s Get It On, where she digs through the wardrobes of her guests to reveal why they wear what they do.
  • Open-shelving is a key component for a busy or family kitchen. I use it to curate all my bits and bobs and often change up displays.
  • Buy cookware from places you visit on holiday for a global aesthetic. My most treasured object is my yellow cast-iron pot I bought in Marseille. It weighs a ton and cost me an extra luggage fee when I brought it home. Totally worth it.

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