Why you should always keep the lid that comes with your scented candle

Scented candles are big business. The market is worth an estimated £90 million, and here in the UK, we’re the biggest spenders in Europe – burning through our money in every sense of the word.

So, whether you worship at the altar of Yankee, like to sniff out the best scents on the high street (love you, Zara Home) or prefer to shell out for a more premium Jo Malone jar, it’s important to make the most of every lighting, and make sure you’re not wasting the notes of fragrance that you’ve invested in.

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One thing you might have noticed about your go-to candle is that it comes with a seemingly-pointless lid – in fact, we know some candle aficionados that have even thrown the topper away as soon as they’ve made their purchase.

However, although you have to find a home for them when the wick is lit, they’re worth saving for a very crucial reason, as revealed by fragrance specialist and historian Roja Dove.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, he advised candle lovers to never blow their wicks out manually, explaining: ‘Most candles come with a lid for a reason — use it to snuff out the flame and this will keep the scent intact.’


Lids on scented candles protect the wax in your candle from daily dust and grime, and you can use them to prop up your jar and shield your surfaces – so we’ll be taking a leaf out of Roja’s book and hanging on to ours from now on.

Once your candle is safely snuffed out, he also recommends taking extra care when it comes to the wick for next time.

‘Give the wick a trim before relighting,’ he advises. ‘This ensures less soot is formed when the candle is burning and the oils are kept conditioned.’ The more you know…