The real reason why Meghan didn’t go to Kate’s birthday celebrations

The Duchess of Cambridge celebrated her 37th birthday last week, hosting an intimate party at her and Prince William’s country home, Anmer Hall, on the previous Sunday. However, not all of her nearest and dearest were in attendance, including her brother-in-law Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. But why were they absent?

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With all the rumours flying around about an alleged feud between Kate and Meghan, there have been plenty of speculation and raised eyebrows about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex missing from the family birthday celebrations. But it has now been reported that the newlyweds were actually believed to have been abroad on holiday on the day of the party – so no drama, just a scheduling clash.

The couple were reportedly enjoying a romantic mini break, following their Christmas with their royal relatives. And they weren’t the only absent family members. In fact, no other royals were at Kate’s birthday, meaning Meghan and Harry’s absence was actually not that odd.

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Instead, the mother-of-three celebrated her special day with a lovely lunch attended by friends such as Sophie Carter, godmother to Princess Charlotte, and her husband Robert Snuggs, and Emilia Jardine-Paterson – who is godmother to Prince George – and her husband David., and Lady Laura Meade, who was announced as one of baby Prince Louis’ godparents in July 2018, and her husband.

However, Kate spent her actual birthday (9th January) at Kensington Palace, while husband Prince William paid a visit to the London Air Ambulance to celebrate its 30 year anniversary. While he was there, he was given a handmade card from a group of children, to which he said: ‘Well done you for remembering, that’s very impressive.’

He added: ‘I did remember this morning, so I was OK.’ A member of staff at the venue then asked, ‘Are you doing anything special today?’ But the Duke of Cambridge didn’t give much away, replying: ‘That would be telling!’

Whatever it was, we’re sure Kate had a wonderful day.