Where to travel in 2022, according to your star sign

After our fascinating delve into the world of astrocartography – which suggests how different places can hold significance to us according to where and when we were born – astrologer Kimberly Dewhirst picks the best holidays for each star sign in 2022.

where to travel star sign


Take it easy with a meditative holiday in Bali that gives you an opportunity to switch off completely.


A spa that gets you back on your feet needn’t be a dream. Book a heavenly break in Costa Rica to bring you back to a perfect equilibrium.


You’re pulled towards your peers, so head to Thailand and connect with like-minded people doing something charitable or altruistic.


Indulge in a fun, romantic trip through California – and don’t miss the love motels.


Your horoscope wants you to be seen‒ so jet to New York City where you might get noticed!


It’s time to broaden your outlook – and your horizons. Why not take your work on the road? Try hot-desking in Barcelona.


Face your fears in Switzerland. From a helicopter ride to tightrope walking or white-water rafting ‒ do something that scares you.


If a special person has made themselves known, suggest a fun trip somewhere new to you both. Singles might meet their match in Italy.


It’s time to reconnect with a place from the past, or to anchor yourself with a trip that nourishes your roots. Mykonos is all the inspiration you need.


Venture out with friends for a few nights closer to home. A visit to a spa in Bath would be ideal.


Head to places that inspire you, like Berlin ‒ perhaps you’re scoping out a future home, a place to retire, or looking for an investment.


It’s time to break out of your comfort zone, so why not go big in Japan? Say yes to opportunities!