An insider has revealed the secret to bagging the best Zara sale bargains

Zara prices are already pretty amazing – and when the store goes into its much-anticipated sales, the discounts are substantial, making for even better bargains. But when is the Zara sale, and how can you tell whether you should purchase a find at full price or wait for the discounts?

Well, according to an insider who spoke to the fashion experts at Who What Wear, there are several ways to make the most of the next Zara sale, and even a clever way to get a headstart on the rest of the crowds.

When is the Zara sale
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The knowledgable source says that the best way to get notified about a Zara sale is to sign up to Zara’s newsletter, and follow the brand on social media, as this is often where the first notifications get sent. The sales usually start online at 10pm the day before they hit stores, so hearing about it first could give you a serious advantage.

Once it lands, there are some items that are typically more popular, and therefore likely to go out of stock sooner – ‘so opt for the higher-priced goods that will sell out quickly (e.g., cashmere, handbags, shoes and coats),’ they advise. ‘Other pieces like shirts are likely to still be around for the second markdown.’

When is the Zara sale
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However, this is not the the only advice you should heed. Earlier this year, the team at Who What Wear asked followers who had previously been employed by Zara to spill even more secrets on all things sale season, and boy, did they deliver – including another major sign that a sale is on the horizon.

‘The biggest sign that a sale is coming is when the clothing gets all turned horizontally and packed onto the racks,’ the respondents revealed at the time.

‘Usually, the merchandisers are grouping together everything by the same price point and will have as much inventory on the floor as possible. This basically means don’t buy anything because in a couple of days it will all be on sale.’

So, if you’re eyeing something up but notice that your local store has been rearranged in this way, it might be worth holding off until the sale is officially announced, even if the newsletter hasn’t given you a heads up yet. You could end up getting your chosen item for anywhere up to 70 per cent less.

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Apparently, the reductions start at 10-25 per cent in the first week, go up to 40-50 per cent in week two, and then ‘during the third week, you can get items for up to 70 per cent to 75 cent off because everything has to go.’

The only downside is that you’re essentially playing a game of chicken with the store – yes, you can wait for the lower prices, but you run the risk of the item selling out before you can snap it up at all.

‘Right before Zara starts their sale they try to sell everything at regular pricing,’ one former employee added. ‘You’ll see most of the old collections back in stores and only the new clothing is labeled with signs that say “new collection”. So I would recommend not buying those older clothes because they will be on sale two weeks later.’

When is the Zara sale?
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If you want to mark the dates on your calendar, ‘summer sales are around the end of June and winter sales start in December, and then the Black Friday sale, of course.’

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for special price reductions, which run regularly and randomly throughout the year – ‘mostly on basics such as knitwear, jeans and shirts.’

Sounds like our Zara sprees just got even more affordable!