WhatsApp is introducing a new ‘vacation mode’ to help you switch off on holiday

Last year, it was revealed that 4 in 10 Britons check their work emails and work calls during their break, and it’s no secret that WhatsApp can be just as addictive. But sometimes keeping up with all of your group chats and responding to every message can be exhausting, especially when you’re on holiday.

WhatsApp vacation mode
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That’s why the popular messaging app, owned by social media giant Facebook, is reportedly introducing a new feature that will help users unwind. ‘Vacation mode’ will allow all users to mute all activities on the app including group chats and individual chats so that no notifications will appear on your phone, nor in your lock screen or in the app itself whilst the function is turned on.

At the moment, WhatsApp users can mute their chats for a selected amount of time. However, all of your notifications still appear when the app is opened. With the launch of the new vacation mode, this will completely change as it will ensure that all messages are automatically archived, meaning they won’t appear anywhere on your phone while the mode is active. Clever, right?

WhatsApp vacation mode
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To enable the new feature, WhatsApp users will need to mute a group chat and then archive it. Once that’s done, the vacation mode feature will be available to select and you will no longer be disrupted by messages.

No date has been confirmed for the launch of the new feature but it is expected to be a apart of the app’s next update. WhatsApp will also be introducing ads within its status feature, according to The Independent. In fact, WhatsApp Vice President Chris Daniels told The Economic Times that the sliding ads in between updates from contacts within the app’s status section will be the ‘primary monetisation mode for the company.’

WhatsApp usually update their app every few weeks, so we won’t have to wait long to test this one out.