What The Fluff Challenge: The adorable trend taking over the internet

Pet owners, we hope you’re got a blanket handy, because you’re going to want to try the What The Fluff Challenge (#WhatTheFluffChallenge) with your four-legged friend asap.

Viral videos of animals being well and truly bamboozled by their humans are taking over the internet thanks to the challenge, which sees people using a towel or sheet and a doorway to ‘vanish’ into thin air – and blow their animals’ minds.


Simply put, the #WhatTheFluffChallenge is essentially the peekaboo you’ve played with babies for years, but with your pups – oh, and thousands of views across social media, of course.

The challenge already has well over 1,000 posts on Instagram and Twitter, and compilation videos of the best clips are quickly reaching hundreds of thousands of views of Facebook too.

If you want to try the #WhatTheFluffChallenge with your pet at home, though, you’ll need to be quick with your tricks.

Some unlucky owners have also shared videos of their dogs figuring out the game and finding them immediately – or, rather more upsettingly for those hoping for a moment of internet stardom, simply looking completely unfazed at their sudden disappearance.

However, one Twitter user, Josh Odyssey, has spent time analysing the videos, and seems to have broken down the keys to #WhatTheFluffChallenge success.

‘I’ve looked through a number of these #WhatTheFluffChallenge attempts & you seem to be the only one who has done it properly,’ he wrote in response to one of the most popular clips. ‘1. attentive and focused dog ? 2. having the blanket cover you and the doorway 3. showing your head above the cover & disappearing at intervals. ?’.

There have been hundreds of challenges on the internet over the years, but we have to say, we think this is one of the cutest. So, if you manage to get a great reaction from your pet, tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – we’d love to see them!