Are you ready for ‘feral girl summer’?

One of TikTok’s most constant themes seems to be defining the ‘type’ of woman we should aspire to be, which is unsurprising in a world where many feel increasingly defined by their social media presence.

There was the ‘that girl’ trend for example, focusing around the seemingly perfect girl who journals at 5am, does yoga at 6am and is walking along the canal enjoying an oat flat white as the sun rises – all documented on social media, of course.

With this level of discipline held up as the ideal, it’s no surprise a backlash trend has emerged, which is why we are now apparently entering the era of ‘feral girl summer’, the trending hashtag on TikTok.

feral girl summer

Feral girl summer is about ditching the pricey workout wear and not worrying when you last shaved your legs. The feral girl is too busy ‘wreaking havoc’ for that – she’s out drinking, dancing on tables, saying embarrassing things to guys and subsisting on a diet of toast and takeaways because she’s too busy having fun to cook.

‘It’s where you don’t care’ said Rebel Wilson, explaining the trend to an interviewer on Today, and that applies to your appearance as well as your behaviour. Think bashed-up T-shirts, smudged eyeliner, dry shampooed hair and spontaneous tattoos.


Forget #hotgirlsummer🧚🏽‍♂️ @Rebel Wilson mentioned how 2022 is all about #feralgirlsummer ☠️

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The notion of feral girl summer seems to revolve heavily around big, wild nights out, and who can blame anyone for craving that after bars, pubs and clubs were closed for so long?

Proponents on social media also say it’s a rebellion against the pressures of the perfect girl aesthetic. ‘Feral is just normal’ they say – and certainly, having spaghetti stains on our tops and a hangover seems more achievable than daily meditation and an 18-step skincare routine.

However, let’s remember it’s also totally ok to not live your life according to a hashtag or TikTok vision of what you ‘should’ be. Maybe the best summer of all could be achieved by (whisper it) spending less time on social media and more time just existing in the actual world?