Glossier Play, Glossier’s diffusion line, is no more

Glossier is one of the most renowned beauty brands in the world right now, and has quickly risen to unparalleled heights for a brand that began through a blog, and grew through Instagram.

So last year, when the brand announced a mysterious diffusion line – named Glossier Play – was soon to hit the market, fans were wild with glee. Guesses ranged from a homeware line with candles and diffusers, to a line of sex toys. When it finally launched, and it turned out to be just another makeup range, Glossier fans were a little underwhelmed.


Things didn’t get any better for Glossier Play, either, when customers started pointing out their excessive packaging, which consisted of unnecessary foil bags, with outside boxes too.

The more intense, glam products of Glossier Play sadly hadn’t lived up to the usual hype and adoration of Glossier’s pared-down, chic main line, so when founder Emily Weiss announced last week that Glossier Play was to be no more, it may have come as little surprise to fans.

Speaking to Business of Fashion, Weiss explained that she had created Glossier Play to, ‘differentiate more intense makeup product from less intense makeup product,’ however they soon had the realisation that, ‘”Huh, we could have just launched more makeup products”‘ in the original Glossier line.


Glossier Play Niteshine Highlighter Concentrate in Platinum Rose, £17, Glossier

It also seemed to be a learning curve for Glossier in terms of packaging; Weiss recently released a statement explaining how she had made the ‘wrong choice’ by releasing the Glitter Gelee in the Glossier Play line, which contains non-biodegradable glitter, which was another issue fans had. In response, she also explained that they are discontinuing the product.

As for the other Glossier Play goodies, you don’t have to fear. If you’ve taken a liking to the Technogel Eye Pencil, Vinylic Lip, or our personal favourite, the Niteshine Highlighter Concentrate, don’t panic, as Glossier is absorbing these Play originals into their main Glossier makeup line. PHEW.