Susannah Taylor: These gadgets could change your life

Some might argue that we don’t need wellness devices, we just need to get out and move. They have a point. However, the boom in digital wellness technology means that personal health insights, workouts, meditations and home gyms are now available to us all with just a swipe or a click. Brands such as Peloton (, for example, mean we can work out with thousands of other people from across the world, all at the same time, in our living rooms. While gadgets such as the Oura Ring ( can monitor our fitness levels, our menstruation cycles and help us meditate – all from a tracker set within a simple 7mm ring worn on your finger. The latest advances in health tech are no less extraordinary. Here are some of my current favourites…

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The personal trainer in your mirror

When switched off Vaha may look like a sleek, full-length mirror, but switch it on and it transforms into an interactive digital screen and the closest virtual experience to working out with a fitness coach in person. You can choose from various top personal trainers who appear magically in front of you to guide you through dance, HIIT, yoga, pilates, meditation and even family classes. With more than 650 live and on-demand workouts on offer, it means you can enjoy world-class training without having to leave your bedroom. From £70 a month,

The breathalyser that helps you lose weight

Our body’s metabolism is in charge of turning what we eat into energy, so it makes sense to have an efficient one. Enter Lumen, a breathalyser-like device that aims to better our metabolisms by measuring the CO2 in our breath – this indicates whether the body is getting energy from fat stores, the carbs we’ve just eaten or both. The device is linked to an app which then recommends a nutrition plan based on our body’s actual needs. The goal is to improve the body’s ability to move between burning carbs or fat – which helps increase weight loss and energy. From £249,

The pebble that makes you breathe properly

While breathing is automatic, doing it correctly isn’t – too often we breathe up in our chest rather than down to our stomachs and in a short, staccato form. The Melo is a pebble-sized device that helps us breathe properly – and thus reduce anxiety and stress and aid sleep. It has its own charging dish, fits in your palm and has a choice of breathing patterns to follow that appear as lights on its surface – breathe in as they flick on and out as they fade. Simple and surprisingly effective – it will both calm you and give your mind something to focus on. £59.99,

The smartest watch… ever

For a world of wellness in one stamp-sized device, check out the latest update of the Apple Watch. Synch it to Apple Fitness + – where you can choose from a guided meditation to workouts with top trainers – and also record all your stats, including calories burnt, distance and time. If you’re stressed, its new Reflect feature will help you centre yourself. For keen swimmers, the good news is the Apple Watch 7 is water resistant up to 50 metres depth. What’s more, Apple has made the watch’s visuals bigger, more readable and clumsy-finger-friendly. From £369,