This cult moisturiser loved by Victoria Beckham is now on sale for under £9

A decent moisturiser is the cornerstone of a good skincare regime, and we’re always on the look out for products that get the seal of approval from celebrities with incredible, glowing complexions. And the multi-purpose Weleda Skin Food (which is currently over 30 per cent off, by the way) is top of the list.

Victoria Beckham
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Beloved by celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Adele, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Joss Stone, Rihanna, Laura Whitmore and Julia Roberts (who uses it as a hand cream after she does the dishes, because apparently A-Listers still have to do washing up), it’s easy to see why the cream has a cult following, as the nourishing formula is packed with plant extracts and essential oils, and is ideal for very dry skin (which, let’s face it, post a winter inside with the heating on, is all of us).

In fact, Ashley Graham once told Into The Gloss that she uses the cream everyday: ‘That sh*t is like crack,’ she said. ‘I tend to be drier, but I do have combination skin, and I’ve never broken out [from using it].’

And, despite having been around for years, Weleda Skin Food is every bit as covetable as it used to be, racking up over 21,000 reviews on Amazon, where it is currently on sale for £8.75 (down from £12.95) .

‘Bought this on the recommendation of Katie Jayne Hughes on Instagram. She swears it is her holy grail product and has beautiful glossy skin. Well what can I say? I have been using this for less than a week and it is a wonder product,’ raved one shopper, adding: ‘I feel there has almost been a ‘blurring’ effect on my skin. Like a real life filter! This is such a reasonable price and I would recommend at least giving it a go. I don’t know why I waited so long!’


Skin Food, £8.75 (Was £12.95), Amazon

The product has won multiple industry awards and the rich, heavy-duty moisturiser (practically a balm) for dry and rough skin can be used on your face, as well as elbows, hands and feet, to nourish and repair. It’s particularly good for anyone wanting to soothe rosacea or eczema, or if you’ve overdone it with the retinols and need an emergency fix for very sore, red skin.

Made with a winning mix of natural, calming ingredients – which despite its low price tag are all sustainably sourced – it combines extracts of viola tricolor (wild pansy), calendula (marigold), rosemary leaf and chamomile, in a rich base of beeswax and natural oils – including sunflower seed and sweet almond oil.

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While ‘clean’ beauty products are increasingly popular, natural beauty brand Weleda have been doing there thing, making 100 per cent organic products for over ninety-five years. They’ve produced a number of cult favourites in the process, including their Purifying Lotion, (£10.95) which is said to be brilliant at clearing blemish-prone skin, and their Wild Rose range that is specially formulated for women in their 30s and 40s.