Sally Brompton horoscopes: 16th-22nd May 2022

YOU’s resident astrologer Sally Brompton reveals your weekly horoscope for 16th-22nd May 2022. So, what does the week have in store?

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th January


22 May-21 June

Harsh words will fly this week but there’s no reason to overreact. A Scorpio Lunar Eclipse will cause family, friends and colleagues to make foolish remarks and behave in ways that defy logic but, chances are, they won’t really mean what they say.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryCANCER

22 June-23 July

You’re good at finding compromises but the Lunar Eclipse warns that if you give ground once this week, others will see it as a sign of weakness and expect you to do so again and again. For once it will pay you to be stubborn. Don’t give an inch.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryLEO

24 July-23 Aug

You’ll tread on a few toes this week but if it reminds certain people that you’re not to be taken for granted that may be no bad thing. Make sure everyone knows you’ll not be deflected from your chosen path. It’s not about profit but principles.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryVIRGO

24 Aug-23 Sept

If your movements are restricted this week, making a big issue of it will only make matters worse. Delays and disruptions are inevitable but getting upset over it is a matter of choice. You can make things easier by starting your journey an hour early.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 3rd-9th FebruaryLIBRA

24 Sept-23 Oct

Certain issues must be dealt with and certain people told there are no more free rides. At times you can be too nice for your own good but now you must go the other way and show the world your ruthless streak. If you don’t you’ll regret it by the weekend.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuarySCORPIO

24 Oct-22 Nov

It may seem as if others are being unnecessarily selfish this week but are you entirely blameless? A Lunar Eclipse in your sign will make it hard for you to see any point of view but your own, so you really cannot condemn others for doing the same.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuarySAGITTARIUS

23 Nov-21 Dec

You may not like asking for help or advice but this week you’ve no choice – at least not if you want to come through unscathed. A Sun-Pluto aspect will make you ultra-ambitious but ambition alone won’t be enough – you’ll need to call on others’ expertise.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryCAPRICORN

22 Dec-20 Jan

This week’s Lunar Eclipse warns that you could get carried away and make uncharacteristic mistakes. If you do get it wrong don’t make matters worse by refusing to accept you’re at fault. Even a Capricorn is only human – no one expects you to be perfect.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryAQUARIUS

21 Jan-19 Feb

Some people love to rub you up the wrong way, especially if they think you’re feeling vulnerable. This week’s Lunar Eclipse means you will have to deal with at least one such person, most likely at work, so promise yourself now that you won’t overreact.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryPISCES

20 Feb-20 March

Pisceans are not always great at making up their minds. This week that could work in your favour because if the whole world believes one thing while you think the opposite, it might just be possible that it is you who got it wrong.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryARIES

21 March-20 April

What happens this week may shock you but the signs have been there for a long time. Think of it as wake-up call, a timely reminder that no matter how settled in your ways you may be, there will always be upheavals. It’s part of life’s rich tapestry.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryTAURUS

21 April-21 May

Others can get emotional this week but you must keep your head and base decisions on fact, not fantasy. You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but, thankfully, you can’t fool a clear-headed Taurus.