The best wedding dress rentals from as little as £11 a day

Something old, something borrowed, something blue and something new‘, that is how the traditional rhyme that details what a bride should wear for good luck on her wedding day goes. While many brides opt to ‘borrow’ something subtle such as a cake topper or accessory on their big day, more and more brides are choosing to rent or ‘borrow’ a wedding dress for the day.

By Rotation

It’s perhaps no surprise given we’ve all become increasingly aware of the impact of fast fashion on the environment but now, with so many clothing rental sites and apps popping up, it seems like a far more attractive and affordable option when it comes to choosing a designer wedding dress at a fraction of the cost.

Okay, so it won’t sit in your wardrobe for years to come, but just because it’s rented doesn’t mean you won’t feel a million bucks on the day. Last year, when bigger weddings were allowed again post-lockdown, rental site Rotaro reported a 420 per cent increase in rentals of bridal wear from May to June.

Carrie Symonds even rented a Costarellos dress from MyWardrobe HQ to wear to wed Boris Johnson. The dress itself retails for a staggering £2870, however, it cost Carrie just £45 for the day to rent it.

‘We have observed an increase of 720 per cent this year in brides renting from MWHQ and booking our try-on consultation services. We added a large wedding collection to our rental and resale offering last year, and we’ve seen it become a solution for what we saw happening due to the pandemic’ revealed Sadie Mantovani Chase-Gardener, Creative Director of MyWardrobe HQ.

Most recently, fashion rental website The Devout has partnered up with high street shop Whistles so you can now rent wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses on its subscription service. Their collaboration means you will be able to rent a wedding dress and two bridesmaid dresses for as little as £39 a month.

As well as the clothes, a wet cleaning service is included so you don’t have to worry about stains. But because it runs on a subscription service, you can either choose a one-off purchase or continue to pay £39 for three pieces of clothing a month, long after your wedding day has been and gone.

Tamsin Chislett, the CEO and Co-Founder of renting platform OnLoan found that ‘We are finding that renting means our customers are much more experimental. We see brides searching for something outside of the traditional ‘white dress’ box for a dress, suit or even skirt which reflects who they are day to day.’

If you too are interested in a wedding dress rental, we’ve scoured the sites to find the best dream dresses.

The best wedding dress rentals:

Whistles wedding dress rental

Whistles Cecilia Dobby Wedding Dress, RRP £499, The Devout

Whistles wedding dress rental

Whistles Lorelei Sequin Wedding Dress, RRP £499, The Devout

Whistles wedding dress rental

Whistles Esther Bardot Wedding Dress, RRP £499, The Devout

Staud from, £11 a day, By Rotation

 Self Portrait, from £12 a day, By Rotation

The Vampire’s Wife, from £95, Hurr Collective

Ulla Johnson, from £38 for 4 days, Hurr Collective

Rotate, from £35 for 4 days, Rotaro

Ghospell, from £12 for 4 days, Rotaro

roataro wedding dress

 The Line by K, from £25 for 4 days, Rotaro

  Pronuptia, from £11 a day, MyWardrobe HQ

Feature by Chloe Gallacher