Getting married? These are the top five wedding cake trends of 2022

After two years of uncertainty, betrothed couples can rejoice that full-scale weddings are finally back in full swing once more. Of course, planning a wedding is a huge task and can be a stressful time, with many aspects to consider such as the venue, music, flowers, dress and food, including, of course, the cake.

While some couples are eschewing trends and opting for alternative wedding cakes such as doughnut towers, following a 1,000 per cent increase in Google searches of the term ‘latest wedding cake trends’, it seems the traditional show-stopping cake has not gone out of style quite yet.

So event specialist AYRE Event Solutions have delved into the most popular wedding cake trends of 2022 to help guide soon-to-wed couples to finding their perfect wedding cake.

1. Pressed flowers

Flowers at weddings are a must-have, which is why floral patterns have always translated to wedding cake designs well. But rather than mere icing flowers, the latest trend is towards real pressed flowers being used to decorate a cake.

With a 2,500 per cent increase in interest for ‘floral wedding cake’ in the last year, a pressed flower cake is a beautiful option that lends itself to ethereal and bohemian-style weddings.

Pressed Floral cake
AYRE Event Solutions

2. Bold and bright

Pastels are all well and good, but bold and bright wedding cakes are looking to take over. Perfect for summer and festival-themed weddings, colourful wedding cakes have seen a huge spike in interest over the past 12 months: ‘purple wedding cake’ +316 per cent, ‘orange wedding cake’ +6,100 per cent, ‘green wedding cake’ +252 per cent and ‘yellow wedding cake’ +369 per cent.

Bold and bright wedding cake
AYRE Event Solutions

3. Acrylic tiers

For a more unusual cake, interspersing clear acrylic tiers within the cake tower is becoming increasingly popular for an avant garde cake design. ‘Acrylic wedding cake’ searches are up 4,500 per cent, in fact. The clear acrylic tiers can be filled with whatever you like – flowers, confetti, fresh fruit or, as below, fairy lights.

Acrylic tier wedding cake
AYRE Event Solutions

4. Sculptural

For something truly show-stopping, a sculptural cake design makes for the perfect centrepiece. Bordering on a piece of art, the sky’s the limit with a creative 3D design – perfect for a style-led couple with an eye for art and culture.

Sculptural wedding cake
AYRE Event Solutions

5. Watercolour

Decoration that mimics a watercolour effect is the perfect way to add an artistic flourish to a simple or traditional cake shape. The most popular form of this is a hand-painted ombre design in vibrant colours, as below, but you can also achieve watercolour floral designs or a drip effect.

Watercolour wedding cake
AYRE Event Solutions