You can now watch all ten seasons of Waterloo Road on BBC iPlayer

Cast your mind back to March 2006, and you might remember watching the very first episode of Waterloo Road.

The BBC primetime drama, starring famous faces including Jason Merrells, Angela Griffin, Denise Welch and Jill Halfpenny went on to run for ten seasons and win numerous awards, until it was announced in 2014 that the current series was to be the last.

But now you can relive the adventures of the teachers and students at the challenging comprehensive school by watching all 200 (yes, 2-0-0) episodes on BBC iPlayer.

The streaming platform announced news of the programme’s return on Twitter earlier today, and the response was overwhelming, to say the least.

Within hours, the name of the show was trending nationwide on social media, with fans sharing memories of their favourite scenes, as well as their joy at being able to watch them all again, declaring they’d be cancelling plans for weeks to come so they could complete their viewing.

‘No one will be hearing from me for weeks,’ joked one, while another added: ‘Cancel all of your plans now and let’s binge!’

Series 1-10 of Waterloo Road being added to BBC iPlayer is the best thing I’ve heard in months,’ a third applauded.

No spoilers, but if you missed out on Waterloo Road the first time around, here’s a jist: the story focuses on a inner-city comprehensive school in Rochdale, where overworked staff struggle to support increasingly troubled students, as well as facing the ongoing cuts and proposed closures of the education system.

What followed was a rollercoaster of highs and lows, with issues from the class divide to racism, sexual harassment to drug use all handled with sensitivity and and skill, but there were also plenty of laughs and lighthearted moments along the way too.

As you can see, it built up quite the cult following during its time on air, and now, thanks to iPlayer, you can see what all the fuss is about…