Ice cubes could be the answer to keeping your house plants healthy

Keeping plants alive can be surprisingly challenging. Different plants need different things, including varying amounts of sunlight and water. And while not giving yours enough to drink is a cardinal houseplant parenting sin, over-watering is just as bad. In some cases, it’s even worse. But a new trick involving ice cubes could be the answer to saving dying plants.

watering plants with ice cubes

Instead of watering with a watering can or jug of water, Jillian at I Am A Homemaker blog suggest using ice cubes to maintain the perfect level of moisture. Apparently, it’s easy for water to pool at the bottom of plants, which is bad for certain types. If you use ice cubes, the water slowly melts and allows the soil and roots to slowly, effectively absorb their feed.

This technique seems especially relevant seeing as the summer months are approaching, and we’re always looking for ways to cool down! Plants homed in hard to reach areas, such as those in hanging mechanisms, are also particularly difficult to water in traditional ways, making the ice cube method even more handy.

watering plants with ice cubes

This inspired us to search for the very best house plant tips, in order to keep yours alive and healthy:

  • Become familiar with the type of plant you have, and its needs. This Pinterest board is super helpful.
  • Look for signs of under watering (the leaves’ edges brown or curl up at the ends) and over watering (the leaves’ tips are brown and yellow leaves are falling off) to properly tend to your plant.
  • Re-pot your plant once it has become a little bigger, to give it more room for growth. You can tell it needs re-potting if the roots are beginning to grow out of the bottom or are bursting to get through.
  • Use the cleanest water that is best for the plant. This is usually rain water, or distilled water, rather than regular water from the tap.

For more top tips, these videos by Patch Plants are incredibly useful.