Statement wallpaper in the bathroom? Yes you can!

And you no longer have to worry about getting it wet, thanks to the latest water-resistant, user-friendly finishes.

Rainforest rules

wallpaper in the bathroom

Try a tropical vibe with a peppy palm print and team with white woodwork and neutral colours for balance. These walls are papered in Deco Palm,, which is wipeable and can be sealed for extra steam-resistance. Freestanding bath, 

Fantasy backdrop

wallpaper in the bathroom
Damian Russell

A bold feature wall can be cheaper than tiling an entire room, while also adding drama. Here, the glass-panelled cubicle sets you amid the trompe l’oeil landscape. Walls papered in L’Eden,, which can be waterproofed on request. Shower and vanity unit, both 

Bold fish roll

wallpaper in the bathroom
Graham & Brown

Combining a strikingly patterned paper with panelling in a muted shade allows the walls to do the talking. The colour of this rolltop bath complements the fish motif, giving the space a cohesive feel. The walls are covered in the extra-washable Flow Black, 

Panel show

wallpaper in the bathroom

If papering a whole space or feature wall feels too much, or if you have a small space, add impact by using a single panel of bold pattern surrounded by neutral metro tiles to create a focal point. For similar paper, try Banana Leaves from

Splash hit

wallpaper in the bathroom
Devon Devon

Love the look of wallpaper in the bathroom, but want to decorate within a shower area? You can still imitate the effect. These porcelain slabs are perfect for steamy areas; from

Jungle nook

wallpaper in the bathroom
Thijs de Leeuw

This bathroom finds common ground through colour, with the green in the tropical backdrop echoed in the floor tiles. The walls are decorated with made-to-order D-Dream paper,, which is polyester-backed to withstand temperature fluctuations.

Wallpaper made easy – for style that sticks

1. Check the labels: ‘scrubbable wallpapers’ that are vinyl-coated or made from heavyweight vinyl are the best options for the bathroom. Also look out for rolls labelled as ‘extra-washable’ or ‘wash-resistant’.

2. Any wallpaper can work in a well-ventilated area – near a window or extractor fan – especially if the paper is used in parts that don’t get particularly wet, such as behind the bath or sink.

3. If your bathroom has little or no ventilation, treat your chosen wallpaper with Polyvine Decorator’s Varnish, available from most DIY stores. Opt for the ‘dead flat’ version as it won’t alter the wallpaper colour – and do a test patch first.

4. Choose ‘paste the wall’ designs for ease – they use a special backing paper that doesn’t expand when it gets wet. Apply the paste directly to the wall and slash your decorating time in half. Visit for a selection.

Report by Nicole Gray