This £23 Amazon face mask is getting five-star reviews from people with acne

Anyone who’s ever had acne will know that it’s a challenge to keep breakouts under control. And while there are plenty of face masks on the shelves that claim to help with the symptoms, if they don’t meet your specific needs they can actually end up making your skin feel worse.

Customers on Amazon, however, say that’s definitely not the case for Wake’s Detox Pink Clay mask, which has been winning rave reviews from people with blemishes for its clearing, brightening properties.

wake face mask

The British beauty brand explains that the microfine pink clay formula ‘is brilliant at extracting dirt from your skin, and helping you produce healthier skin cells.’

It claims that the natural exfoliants in the mask take just 15 minutes to take effect on your pores, leaving you with a smoother, more refined look that will improve further with each use. And according to those who’ve already given it a try, the product really lives up to the hype.

‘I suffered from acne and have a lot of acne scars. I still get bad breakouts so I started using this mask,’ wrote one reviewer. ‘On the first few uses, it brought a few breakouts but that’s just because everything was coming to the surface and it soon passed. I’ve been using it for over a week now and can see the benefits. Pores are closed, the skin is smooth and even and looking brighter. And most importantly, acne scars are fading! I could not be more in love with how this mask makes my face feel.’

‘I purchased this mask couple of weeks ago and I can already see a difference it is making to my skin. I am using it once a week, love the pink colour and gentle smell,’ said another. ‘I feel that my skin’s looks more radiant and I have less breakouts. I would definitely recommend it, as it delivers for me and I am sure it will be a product that I will keep repurchasing!’

wake face mask

Wake Skincare Detox Pink Clay Face Mask, £22.95, Amazon

Others praised everything from the ‘cute’ blush colour of the mask to its eco-friendly glass jar packaging, with many saying it’s excellent quality for the price, even compared to big name brands they’ve tried. On went as far as to say ‘If I had 6 stars I would give [them].’

‘I can’t express enough how amazing this product is. I’ve never been able to find skincare that suits my skin – I have extremely sensitive skin but this mask didn’t leave my skin burned, itchy or red. I couldn’t believe. Now my skin is so smooth and glowing!’

We don’t know about you, but we feel a pre-Christmas pampering session coming on…