Waitrose’s new tonic syrup is here to up your G&T game

It’s fair to say that in the UK, we’re a nation of gin lovers. Last year, we bought a 51 million bottles of the spirit, (to the value of almost £1.4 billion), and we’re always on the lookout for ways to make our next glass even better than the last.

Flavoured gins are already taking the supermarket shelves by storm, but now Waitrose have come up with a product that makes the mixers we’re adding to them an exciting prospect too. Meet ¾ OZ., a range of delicious of syrups that will elevate your drinks game for summer and beyond.

tonic syrups
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The brand, named after the amount of syrup needed to prepare the perfect G&T, was founded by friends Alexandrine Lemaire and Hannah Palmer, who have already made the bottles a hit in their native Canada. They base their product on the principle that a cocktail mixer should match the quality of the spirits used – and package the goods in ultra-stylish bottles to boot.

There are three variations of ¾ OZ syrups to try – Tonic Maison, which has a classic bitter flavour thanks to the inclusion of quinine, spicy Ginger Ale, made with fresh ginger juice and hops, and Spritz, which boasts notes of orange (ideal for those whose go-to beverages are popular cocktails like negroni and aperol). They can all be mixed with spirits or sparkling wine, or, if preferred, used with sparkling or soda water for a non-alcoholic treat.

tonic syrups

‘We craft our syrups with the aim of better appreciating the refined notes of artisan spirits – so we are very excited to be partnering with Waitrose, which already works closely with small local distilleries from across the country to bring their unique gins on the shelves,’ Alexandrine and Hannah said of the partnership with the store.

Sarah Davies, Waitrose soft drinks buyer added: ‘This range of syrups by ¾ OZ. is taking drink-making to a whole new level of bespoke flavouring. We know our customers love to experiment with mixology at home, and we are so excited to be the first supermarket to introduce this innovative brand which will allow them to do exactly that!’

¾ OZ. syrups are available now online and in store at Waitrose, priced £7.99 per 240ml.