Thanks to Love Island, Waitrose has reported an increase in sales of these ingredients

By now, we all know how much TV and social media can influence what we do, from food to drinks, to clothes. Even if we think we’re pretty good at resisting the trends, no one is safe from being susceptible to them all the time. As it happens, even Waitrose shoppers can’t resist indulging in things they keep seeing on TV.

Waitrose recently reported an unexpected increase in demand for the ingredients associated with iced coffee. Having been in the UK all summer, we can safely say that’s not because of long bouts of gloriously warm weather.

Love Island women drinking iced coffee
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If you tuned into ITV’s number one dating show Love Island this year, you might have noticed a number of the women regularly drinking iced coffee in the morning. Even though we haven’t exactly had bikini weather in the UK, the sight of iced coffees has made shoppers seek out their own.

Sales of ice at Waitrose have risen by an impressive 75 per cent in comparison to this period last year when the weather was actually much hotter. The demand for milk alternatives has also grown by 20 per cent each week since Love Island started in June. Oat milk has proven to be most popular with an increase of 40 per cent, while sales of ready-to-drink iced coffee has seen a surge of 40 per cent.

Waitrose also spotted a 4 per cent increase in sales of ground coffee and coffee beans ahead of the Love Island final, which aired on Monday 23 August.

A Waitrose spokesperson commented: ‘Iced latte ingredients are always popular as the weather warms up and this summer was no different. The fact that coffees were such an integral and entertaining part of the show has definitely has a positive impact on sales.’

The iced coffees on the show have certainly become a talking point of the series, with people on social media commenting on how the men often made them for the women.

Love Island women drinking iced coffee
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Posting on Twitter, one viewer wrote: ‘Those ice coffee’s they drink on @LoveIsland look absolutely buzzing!’

Someone else tweeted: ‘I would like a boy to bring me an iced coffee while I lay in bed every day like I’m on @LoveIsland.’

Polly Astbury, who is a coffee buyer at Waitrose, said: ‘For the perfect iced latte, start by pouring your milk of choice into a glass full of cubed ice, then add a shot of good quality espresso and stir.

‘Honey seems to be a popular sweetener in the [Love Island] villa, which is a great choice as it melts easily into the cold liquid without being grainy. If you’re using sugar, make sure you mix it with the hot espresso before adding ice.’

Hugo Hammond, who was dumped from the Love Island villa in episode 34, has shared his method to make the ‘infamous Love Island iced coffee’ on TikTok.


The infamous Love Island ❤️? iced coffee ?☕️ Make one and let me know how it tastes #LoveIsland

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The 24-year-old PE teacher racked up over 7 million views on the clip. He adds two teaspoons of coffee to a glass. Next, he pours in boiling water until the glass is a third full, followed by ‘a lot’ of honey. Then, you stir, add ice, your milk of choice and stir again. Voila!

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