Waitrose’s edible rosemary Christmas tree is back for 2019

Just when we thought we had more than enough festive foods to get stuck into this Christmas, the bosses at Waitrose have decided to add one more thing to our list of December delicacies, with the return of their edible Christmas tree.

The supermarket’s latest offering is an impressive alternative to the traditional Christmas tree, especially for food lovers, as it’s quite literally good enough to eat.

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Made with rosemary, the herb Christmas tree was first introduced last year but has been brought back due to popular demand, and is now available in 248 stores for just £15. As well as being edible, the multi-purpose product can be re-used, making it the perfect option for those who are trying to be a little more environmentally friendly this season.

The trees are grown and pruned to resemble the shape of an actual Christmas tree, only they differ in size – a rosemary tree stands at around 30cm in height, which is a third of the size of an average Christmas tree.

However, this makes them easy to find the space for in your home, and they give off a distinct refreshing scent for an extra Christmassy feel.

Waitrose edible Christmas tree

Edible rosemary Christmas tree, £15, Waitrose

Waitrose Horticulture Buyer Oliver O’Mara said of the revival: ‘Our customers are passionate about shopping in a more sustainable way, seeking out products that are kind to the environment and that help them to reduce their own waste, especially at Christmas.

‘Our Rosemary Christmas Trees aren’t just for decoration, the rosemary tree’s leaves can be used to flavour dishes over the holidays and then be planted outside when Christmas is over, so nothing goes to waste.’

The decision to use rosemary for the mini trees was made by Waitrose after a research project conducted by the supermarket found that rosemary is the favoured garnish of choice for shoppers in the UK at Christmas.

In fact, it is so popular that it made it into the the top three best-selling fresh herbs, with sales up 200 percent over the festive season compared to any other time of the year.